Let's Get Coffee #4

Woah, were already on Let's Get Coffee #4! This is so exciting! I am also super grateful that you all seem to love these posts as much as I do! I didn't get to shoot during the week because I was extremely busy which sucks but what can I do.

I wanted to go to Moby Dick in Georgetown because I was having some major cravings plus Georgetown have all these cool allies you can shoot in. Of course no trip to Georgetown would be complete without a trip to a coffee spot.

Bluestone Lane Coffee opened a new location in Georgetown and I wanted to go because of the photos Lilia posted on her Instagram. I am a sucker for amazing latte art but I always end up ordering my usual at any new coffee spot that I venture too. So, you could imagine my facial expression when they told me that they didn't have flavored Lattes and of course they charge to swap to Soy Milk as well. Why?!

So, basically I paid for a regular boring bitter Latte that I had to over sweeten for it to be somewhat drinkable ( I definitely spruced it up in Starbucks ). I twas pretty to shoot though. I am not going to lie but I don't think Bluestone Lane Coffee is for me.

Oh, also this location is EXTREMELY small and when I went the line was basically out of the door because everyone couldn't wait inside. That is also a no for me! Although Georgetown is amazing during the Spring....I just cannot see myself visiting there again!

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