My Current Fashion Inspirations


This is one question that I have been getting from everyone on Instagram and whilst I wasn't really able to give an honest answer. I believe that I can honestly answer it now. I get inspired by everything and anything. I find alot of my style inspiration from Instagram and from reading other blogs. There have been some accounts that I tend to gravitate to more than others so I thought I would share them with you all.


Some accounts that I turn to for inspiration might surprise you and you guys might be following them on Instagram yourselves!


1. Vanessa Evelyn

I personally love Vanessa's style because it is slightly similar to my own. I look to her feed for inspiration and to gather some creative ideas on how to shoot. Plus she is gorgeous! She is also a blogger so if you wanted to check out her blog then you can click here.



2. Alyssa Lenore

I have been following Alyssa for a really long time and I have always loved her account. She rocks neutrals like no other and her minimal coffee flatlays always inspire. Alyssa is also a blogger and you wanted to read her blog Styled&Smitten then click here.




3. Helena

Helena's style is identical to mine BUT she styles things in a way I never thought of styling them. This is why I am always looking to her for inspiration. Helena's style is minimal like mine but she adds her own personal touch which I love. You can read about her and her blog here.



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4. Emma Hill

Emma from EJstyle is one blogger that I love and have been following for awhile. We have similar styles and she in sincerely one of the funniest and sweetest blogger that I had the chance of chatting with. I love love love her blog and her youtube videos. You can read her blog here.





5. Jovel Roystan

I just recently started following Jovel but I already love his style and his creativity! I started incorporating his styling tips ( even though he is a man ) into my everyday looks and I haven't turned back! You can check out his blog here. Oozing with style just like him lol.




Well there you guys have it! These are 5 accounts that have been literally inspiring me and my personal style. They make me push my boundaries and open my creative flow even more than I already do. Make sure you check out their Instagrams and their blogs and give them a follow!


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