6 Make-Up Products I Swear By

Ah makeup. I have a love/hate relationship with it! I seriously don't really wear makeup that often and when I do it is literally a no makeup ( barely there ) look. Although to achieve my no makeup makeup look ( does that even make sense? ) I have some products that I use that helps.

I have discovered that using the best facial products help because it limits how much makeup you actually have to use. Which in my case is super beneficial!

BB Cream from Youth 

First thing I am going to be talking about is BB Cream! I decided to take a break from Foundation. I needed my skin to breathe and BB Cream was a great substitute from the NYX Matte Foundation I have been using!

I have been using shade 4 from the brand Youth from Shaklee but I recently started using a brand new Foundation from Credo Beauty called Vapor Organic Beauty. The finish is just amazing & I will do a whole review on that brand soon! If any of you guys are interested in knowing more about the brand Youth you can check out their website here!

It's Eye Time Palette

Neutral Eye shadow is my bread & butter! Especially this palette from Pixi Beauty! This is definitely one of my all time favourite eye shadow palettes at the moment. Especially for my everyday makeup but as you guys know I don't really wear makeup everyday so this is a win win for me.

I love adding a little highlight in the inner corner of my eyes to make them appear slightly bigger as well! Even though I already have big eyes lol. When I am traveling to another state or even going up to NYC ... I always make sure to have this palette with me at all times!

You can shop this Pixi Beauty Eye Shadow palette here.


When I first started wearing makeup I didn't even know that Concealer existed until I pulled an all nighter ( is this a legit word? )  in Art School and had the worst dark circles under my eyes. I looked like I got punched in each eye and I needed to rectify that immediately.

I looked up Youtube videos on how to properly use Concealer but I didn't want to use a shade that was brighter. I mean hello I was still a makeup newbie still at this point. I mean I still consider myself a newbie because let's face it...I only NOW started messing with my eyebrows. The struggle lol!

The brand that I use is C&C from Ruby Kisses. So far I haven't had any issues and it still goes with my natural look I always try to achieve whenever I do my makeup. You can purchase this Concealer here.


This is one product that I recently started using and I regret not getting this awhile ago! This Bronzer is from Becca Cosmetics and I LOVE IT! I don't wear highlight because I really want to stick with my barely there makeup and this Bronzer helps me. I get a beautiful glow without much effort!

It's a soft glow that makes me look more like the goddess I think I am in my head lol! If I can get my hands on ALL shades then my life would be complete! It is a bit pricey but it is SOOOOOO worth it! Click here to shop this beautiful Bronzer!

Lippe Stix - Grunge

Excuse the photo but one brand that I never really ever talked about would be Colourpop! One of my friends turned me onto them and from since then I have been a fan of their Brown Lippies even though technically they would be a nude on me.

Plus they are extremely affordable so ANYONE and I do mean ANYONE could buy them! This shade is literally ALWAYS sold out online because it is the best shade ever! I can link the Lippe Stix page but sadly not this shade! Click here!


I rotate Mascaras a lot but I have been leaning towards and loving this particular one from Found Beauty lately. You can actually find this brand in WALMART! Yes, you read that correctly! WALMART! One more time for the people in the back...?! WALMART! So, you guys know that this will be affordable!

You can shop this Mascara here!


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