My Writing Playlist

It's no surprise that I write a lot. I am literally always advertising that I am sitting in a coffee shop writing whilst sipping on an iced caramel latte. That is literally how my stationary obsession started. I love writing. If I had the patience to write a novel I would. I mainly stick to short stories ( I have like 15 journals filled with short stories )  but then I always branch out when it comes to my blog and try to write things that are on topic and then I have fun when it comes to my Instagram captions.

I however cannot write without music. I cannot even begin to tell you guys how many times my headphones have DIED on me and I had to charge them whilst crying on the inside. The words just come out faster with a song playing in my ears. I do have a few playlists dedicated for writing or just to get my creative juices flowing ( meaning coming up with blog post ideas and shoots ).

Singing and dancing when I take breaks ( obviously not in public lol ) but nonetheless music is always playing. Well that is technically a lie. When I do decided to play video games... I pause my music cause I like to win and it is distracting.

I started my playlist on Spotify but man I am impatient and I hate adverts so I sucked it up and got Apple Music. I am happy that I did because I am ALWAYS on the search for new songs and if I love it...I get it right then and there rather than having to screen shot it then hope to find it again later.

I will be sharing the playlist of the month. Last months was rather on the long side so...I decided that I need to cut them to about 10-12 songs but the playlist that I will be sharing with you guys actually contains about 20 songs.




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