It's the most wonderful time of year...and I don't mean Christmas! I mean sales...more specifically Zara's sale! Now, I am not really a die hard fan wen it comes to Zara and their products but every so often I find myself finding a few hidden gems here and there whilst I am online shopping. That doesn't mean that I will be purchasing everything on my list ( if anything at all ) but it's good to know that I can purchase a few items to take with me on my upcoming trip back to San Diego!

Also, I know so many of you guys always ask me what my tips and tricks are when it comes to shopping and saving money...key word SAVE! I am a massive sucker for saving money. I won't dish out $50 for a pair of sneakers that I know I probably wont wear that often but I will wait and spend $20 on those same pair of sneakers. See right there alone...I saved $3o which can go towards something else.

I have listed a few items that I have my eye on from the sale. Feel free to shop to your hearts content! I am also still working on a shopping guide since that is something that is currently highly requested from you lovelies.

Shop each item: 

Creased Tee

Asymmetric Top 

T-shirt W/ Knotted Hem

 Striped Blouse W/ Bow 

Striped Top W/ Cuffs

High Waisted Flared Jeans

Check Pants W/ Stripes

Culottes W/ Side Stripes

Platform Sandals 

Slogan Sneakers

Fabric Sneakers

Red Leather Loafers

Mules W/ Buckle 

Black Leather Loafers 

Criss Cross Body Bag

Black Crossbody 

White Mini Tote 

Off White Backpack 

Knotted Bag

Black & Gold Crossbody 

I feel like lately everything has been rubbing me the wrong way & as much as I love what I do...sometimes I think taking a break is much needed. I also don't mean from work & creating content. I also mean from family, friends and anything that just triggers negative thoughts.

I have been neglecting the one person who matters the most..which is myself. I have literally been running around doing everything for everyone & I am burnt out. I am not happy. I have lost myself in the facade that I created. No one saw no one asked. Was I okay? The people around me who I wanted help from wasn't offering me help. I was depressed and sinking into a hole but no one saw it. They saw a hard working girl with a huge smile on her face that bent over backwards for everyone but what did she get in return?

What they didn't see was the lack of sleep hidden behind my eyes, the puffiness from crying, wearing bigger clothing because she was tired of being called fat, the binge eating & the starvation. It was a vicious cycle that I wanted to end but I couldn't. I dug myself into deep & I was at the point where I knew I needed help.

I was so nice that when I did something out of the ordinary... I was viewed with disapproving eyes. I was called mean, rude or a bitch. Why? Because everyone was so used to the nice girl that did everything that when I snap they don't ask if I am okay. What's wrong or did I need anything? They would talk about me behind my back but smile in my face.

I was completely over the fake-ness that this industry turned people into. I hated pretended that I was happy when I just didn't want to be around anyone. Who was going to help me? At this point I just knew that I had to help myself. Getting back to my happier self. Doing what made me happy without having any obligations holding me back. If I wanted to travel then I was going to travel. If I wanted to go to a new restaurant and eat my weight in food then I was going to.

I am going to be unapologetically me...  fucking happy. If you cannot be happy for me then you are apart of the problem!



Blazer : Forever 21

Top : Brass Clothing

Pant : Brass Clothing

Shoes : Burlington

Watch : Nicole Vienna

Sunnies : Warby Parker 

Briefcase : Unitude 

Okay, I know that we are in June and I also know that I took a little hiatus from the blog again even though I told myself that I wasn't going to take another break for awhile. I could lie and say that life got in the way but in reality I let myself get in the way. I was so used to working hard and still maintaining my blog but this time around...not only was I busy but I was also very sleep deprived & well attending high-school graduations back to back didn't help either.

I know what some of you guys are thinking and let me just answer that right here and right now. In a sense I took a social media cleanse because I wasn't posting on Instagram, Twitter etc ( maybe on instastories ) but as far as actual posts for likes...nope. Maybe I will save that for another post.

This time I wanted to talk about a coffee spot that I happened to be in the area to visit. I visited CAFEIN on Father's Day with my Mum ( since she technically is my Dad along with Mum ). She is currently obsessed with Large Caramel Frappe's ( which I got her hooked onto ) and of course I had to have my regular Iced Caramel Soy Latte only this time I forgot to ask for Soy Milk. Non the less it was just as good!

I definitely want to go back to experience all that CAFEIN has to offer. The setting definitely matches my aesthetic oh so well & it was just peaceful. It just sucks that I have to drive to get all the way out there but it is definitely worth it. I did almost pay $11 for 2 coffees ( my Mum did get a large ) but still...kinda pricey. Going to visit again and let you guys know if it is worth the travel! Update coming soon!


I am sorry that I haven't been keeping up with my coffee posts. Between travelling to NYC and not being able to go to one ( they offered coffee on set but I don't drink hot coffee ) to flying to San Diego ( my sister made me stay in here apartment the entire time I was there ) then coming back to DC only to be on set again for 3 days. It was a lot to handle and I realised that I was so far behind on creating content for you guys & not to mention all the collaborations that I had piling up to shoot as well. I am pretty sure you guys noticed the increase of flatlays on my Instagram lately. Not that I am complaining but it seems like I was transitioning into only flatlays when that wasn't the case. I just needed to get back into the flow of things. From the lack of sleep from travelling, being on set and just everything that was going on family wise. I was burnt out. I stopped posting on Instagram and on social media for awhile. Which was a much needed break that I KNEW I needed.

Now that I am getting back into the swing of things....I wanted this coffee post to be the 2nd ( I recently wrote a Beauty Tuesdays post that you guys can read here ). I have actually been to this coffee spot numerous times but I haven't been back since I started this segment on the blog.

I recently went back to Emissary with Lilia from Lily-like and it was nice to just sit down and enjoy our coffee and our food. Well after taking our obligatory photos for Instagram that is ( you know how bloggers are for that one shot! ).

I ordered my usual Iced Caramel Soy Latte even though I LOVE & I do mean LOVE their Iced Hot Chocolate. It's basically chocolate milk without all the extra sweetness. I also ordered an Egg Sandwich on a Brioche Bun with an Arugula Salad on the side ( which I didn't eat ).

I think Emissary is one Coffee Spot I will always recommend because they also serve alcohol & who doesn't love a good happy hour after a long day?

It's been awhile since I have done a "Beauty Tuesdays" post. Well let us be honest's been awhile since I have sat down & written a blog post in general. I am not going to got in the way a little. From working on a commercial in NYC to taking a spontaneous trip to San Diego ( which falls under family emergency ) to working as a stylist for a TV show pilot. I was exhausted which resulted in my blog and social medias being put on the back burner. I bueno but what could I have done...?

I am back that has to count for something and what better way than with a brand new "Beauty Tuesdays"?! I am not 100% sure whether or not I have mentioned that I have been having scalp issues since last year and even the Dermatologist I went to couldn't tell me what the cause of it was. So, I have been trying to find the best products that my hair/scalp loves.

I actually found a few products that my scalp likes but I made the error of using my sisters shampoo and conditioner whilst I was in San Diego so I had a 'flare up'. It took about a solid 2 weeks for my scalp to get back to normal which sucked. Everything bothered me. I was moody and cranky and I didn't want to be around anyone.

Around that time I started using Chi Power Plus. I actually saw a small clip of someone using Chi and I was curious if it really worked. So, I was able to get my hands on a set and have been loving the outcome so far. My scalp feels clean and looks healthy.

The set includes the:

Exfoliate Shampoo

Nourishing Conditioner 

Revitalising Hair & Scalp Treatment  

Root Booster : Thickening Spray


I have been using the whole set minus the Root Booster ( let's be real my hair is thick enough ) and I literally do NOT have anything negative to say about this line. To the point that even though this is a sponsored post...I will actually spend money for this entire line if it keeps my hair and scalp looking and feeling the way it does now!


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