Let's Get Coffee #7

Happy Monday lovelies.

I am currently sitting at my desk writing this & trying to come up with a new flatlay idea for some posts that I need to be working on. Yet, here I am. Lost. Not knowing what to create. I think I am burnt out for ideas and I am in desperate need for a vacation to clear my mind. I feel like once I have a break then everything will be coming back to me full force.

In a way that's how I feel when I go to new Coffee Shop locations. To me each one gives off a certain vibe & I feed off of that vibe.

So, for instance I recently met up with my instababe Nicole. It was so ironically funny how we FIRST met but we decided to meet up ( for the first time after being instagram friends ) and we visited Swings Coffee. Someone actually recommended this place to me because it matched my aesthetic and it did when I visited. The location is small but big enough and where it's located...they most likely have a high turn over rate. So, not alot of people actually buy their coffee and sit. Which isn't bad.

The only thing that I actually disliked was the pricing. I spent over $5 for a Iced Vanilla Soy Latte. They didn't have Caramel but I am pretty sure from the final price...I paid for the Vanilla syrup and I definitely paid extra for Soy Milk. That is one thing that I do not like when I am purchasing coffee. That they are charging you for Soy Milk. Which sucks for people like me who are lactose intolerant.

I think that I will be visiting this Coffee Shop again to take in the whole feel of it. Nicole and I weren't there that long but other than the price...maybe I could look past it because the coffee was actually really good for almost $6. I also want to thank Nicole for letting me use her latte and her phone for this shot.

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