Why I Need A Capsule Wardrobe

Okay, I have a walk-in wardrobe but the thing is...I tend to forget everything that I own because of the clutter. I have gotten to the point where I am saying...I have to much shit. I normally say something like this when I am moving and I think to myself... ' how did I accumulate this much crap '? Where did it all come from and did I really NEED all of it? The answer was of course no. I didn't need 40 pairs of denim when I only wore a solid 10 of them...I just wanted them. I didn't need 80 pairs of shoes when I honestly forgot which pairs I own ... end up buying more then just letting them pile up. It was sad...it IS sad. I am ready to declutter and have a clean minimal wardrobe. Something that makes packing easier as well.

So, I wanted to share 5 tips to creating a capsule wardrobe for anyone who is interested and is in dire need of one cause I know I am.

1. Create a colour palette.

- This is extremely easy. What colours do you gravitate more towards? I find that having a colour theme in your wardrobe helps the most. It also helps with packing as well. Super simple and it literally takes no time at all. Knowing your aesthetic as I like to call it ( along with everyone & their Mum's ) is beneficial. Are you a minimalist? Do you wear bold colours? Prints? All of the above? What is your day-day casual look? This all plays into creating your capsule wardrobe. The point of this method is be super practical and honest about what you’ll actually get the most wear out of ( like what I said earlier about owning like 40+ pairs of jeans ). Once you’ve selected a theme ( mine is minimalism ), carefully pick out which pieces work well with one another. Try to limit yourself to 15-30 items including pants, tops, skirts, shorts, dresses and shoes. Which will be hard believe me but that dress hiding in the back of your wardrobe with the tag still on that you've had since 2011...you will never wear it.


2. Store Out Of Season Away.

- This is super important! I normally just keep every season together all year around and this is probably why I struggle with finding certain items. Since I will be creating a capsule wardrobe from what I already own. I will be taking EVERYTHING out of my wardrobe and sorting them into piles. Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. This is going to be my project for the weekend. Bye bye Winter padded jackets that are taking up so much space!

3. Group Similar Items Together.

- Now that your capsule wardrobe is getting along the way. Now is the time to start grouping similar items together. For example hanging all of your coats together, dresses, tops, etc.

4. Use All Of Your Space.

- If you guys see my wardrobe right now you would probably cry. I literally shoved so much shit in there...I have NO space for anything else and this is even after my wardrobe purge. This also helps if all of your hangers are the same. I love the velvet hangers because your clothing doesn't fall off and stays in place. You can get them from Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and even Burlington. Utilize your dressers and drawers as well. I have a self unit from Target that I dislike and I am itching to get my hands on a new one.

5. If You See It You WILL Wear It.

- This definitely ties into what I was saying the the beginning of this blog post. I literally forget about everything that I own in my wardrobe and I only find it when I am doing wardrobe purges. Which is seriously annoying because I end up purchasing something similar. It is a never ending cycle that I am trying to break.

I would also recommend storing folded items as follows: most-used items at eye level ( favourite tee's, etc ), less-used items towards the lower shelves ( things you wear at home ), and least-used items higher up ( for me this would be considered my bags ).


I am going to bring you guys along my Capsule Wardrobe journey. I personally think that this is going to be such a fun project to share with you all.

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