San Diego Day 2 On Film & Aloette

Okay, well today was a bit more uneventful. We didn't go out today because the jetlag was just way to real. I was exhausted and I was definitely watching my Niece for majority of the day. For some odd reason I was just her favourite today. Which isn't bad and I didn't mind but it was definitely a little weird to me. 

I did want to go hiking today but we are definitely going tomorrow so I will have a great vlog coming and tons of amazing photos to post for you guys. 

Today wasn't a total bust though. I did receive the cutest package from a brand called "Aloette". As you know and like I ALWAYS say...even though this is a sponsored post...all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own! 

A little background about Aloette. They pride themselves on creating products and opportunities that makes a difference for your skin, your community and the environment. Their products contain the best botanical ingredients that work for all ages and skin types. 

Sounds pretty awesome right? 

That isn't what this post is about though. I wanted to tell you guys about their new subscription program called A-List! A-List is different than other subscription boxes. By being an A-Lister you will receive a box loaded with FULL SIZED Beauty and Skincare products. Many of them being limited edition and being an get first dibs before anyone else! A-Listers also get a unique surprise gift in box  as well. I mean talk about a win win! 

Every time that you get a A-List box you "Get to Give" your support to programs that help empower women ( & you guys know I am all about women empowerment ) all over the globe through the Heifer International program. One last addition to the bi-monthly beauty box, all A-Listers receive a 15% discount on ALL full priced products on the Aloette website plus exclusive support from the Aloette Beauty Consultants! 

Tell them by being an A-Lister, they will receive a box loaded with full-sized beauty and skincare products – many of these being limited-edition products that A-Lister's get before anyone else! Let them know that there will ALWAYS be a unique, surprise gift in the box – something we are obsessing over right now! Explain to your followers that every time you get you’re A-List box, you "Get to Give" your support to programs that help empower women all over the globe through Heifer International. In addition to the bi-monthly beauty box, all A-Lister's receive a 15% discount on all full-priced products on the Aloettewebsite, exclusive support from an Aloette Beauty Consultant, plus much more!

The box I got contained a 5 Piece Brush Collection set, Look Alive Eyeshadow Primer, Little Black Book of Glam Eyeshadow Palette ( which is actually a limited edition item and not available online ) and my surprise gift was a beautiful Feathered Bracelet from Luca+Danni

I actually haven't had the chance to try the products yet but once I do...I will write a very detailed review on each item like I normally do! I definitely will be bringing me "Beauty Tuesdays". 

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