San Diego Photo Diary

My last week in San Diego wasn't as eventful as I wanted it to be. Promises were broken and the lack of sleep and creativity were very existent. Any creative ideas that I had were definitely shot to shit and well when I don't feel creative....nothing can really get me out of that funk. Hence another short break from social media. 

I know that I told you guys...I wasn't going to take another social media break and believe me when I say that I had SO many things planned this time around but dealing with my niece and a newborn baby takes a lot out of a person. 

I wasn't actually going to write any words to this post but I decided "what the hell". So, with that being said. I hope that you guys enjoy my photo diary! For this last San Diego post I wanted to share some of the items that I brought along with me ( I am currently back in DC and I haven't unpacked yet ). I also did some shopping whilst I was there so I will definitely be sharing the items I got soon! 

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