Why I love Compass Coffee

You have seen my instagram posts, my instagram stories and the million photos I have posted about Compass Coffee. No, I am not an ambassador that gets paid to talk about them ( although that would be great ) but I genuinely love visiting Compass Coffee. I remember coming here for the very first time ( even though majority of the staff has changed ) I immediately felt as peace. They were patient with me as I checked out their menu to make sure I was ordering something I knew that I was going to love. I think it was around that time when I met Paul as well. 

I didn't mention Paul before or maybe I did and he is reading this post right now...rolling his eyes with a cheeky smile on his face. Paul was sweet ( he still is ) and he was one of the first baristas at Compass besides Ana who remembered my name and now remembers my order. I mean only order one drink...my usual. Everyone knows now. I don't even have to say anything ( unless the person behind the counter is new ). I am sure majority of you guys know my order as well. Medium Iced Caramel Soy Latte with lots of ice. Extra, extra ice...especially with this deadly heatwave we have been having. 

Where some people will order their coffee and leave. I continuously visit Compass for the atmosphere. I enjoy talking to the baristas. They are always so sweet and always have a smile on their faces. I legit always feel like I am home. Hence why I always say that I am visiting my second home. 

Even though there are more coffee shops opening up in DC and definitely more spots I can check out and blog about. I will always find myself coming back to the homey feeling whenever I walk into Compass and I didn't realize it until now but that is something I look for now whenever I visit a new coffee spot. 

Do I feel a sense of peace once I walk through the door? Are the baristas friendly? Do they make you feel welcomed? 

I will be picking up my coffee series again. I am not sure why I stopped in the first place but I love coffee and I love introducing new places for you guys to check out if you are ever visiting the city. I will be really busy for the next couple of months but I promise I will be updating the blog as much as possible. 

I miss talking to you guys and I miss being able to sit down and write out 4-5 blog posts in one day to schedule for you guys. In 2 days it will be September! I didn't fulfill my promise about writing a post everyday whilst I was in San Diego but I will TRY to go back to posting 2-3 times a week. Key word is TRY which is why it's all in CAPS lettering. 

Remember that coffee is good for the soul. 

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