Hello September & Good Riddance August

August was definitely an uneventful month. I think the most exciting this that happened was traveling to San Diego but even then it was okay. What was initially promised to be fun and exciting turned into possibly the worst trip ever back to back but this post isn't going to dwell on the negativity? I am going to spin this and talk about everything that I actually loved about the scorching month. I know that I also failed with the vlogs that I mentioned but hey if I didn't go anywhere...can you blame me for not having content for you guys?

So, many of you guys know that I recently took a trip to San Diego because my sister was having another baby ( she had a boy and she named him Tristan ) and we were also there ( we being my Mum and I went together ) to celebrate the fact that my niece turned 1! I am going to be completely honest with you guys. I wasn't going to go. As much I love my niece with all of my heart...since my last visit...I was dreading seeing my sister and being stuck in her apartment every day for 2 weeks again. My Mum literally had to convince me to go last minute and part of me really does regrets going.

One thing that has definitely changed since I got back from San Diego would be my hair. I am all about protective styles at the moment because my natural hair is at an awkward length and I was over trying to deal with it. I do my own hair. I am VERY particular with who does my hair but that's a whole other story.

August Favourite Song:

Cross Your Mind : Sabrina Claudio

August Favourite Show:

Running Man

August Food/Snack:


August Drinks Rotation:

Iced Caramel Soy Latte

Iced Green Tea Lemonade 

Pineapple Soda

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