Beauty Update | Chanel

Wow, hello lovelies. It's been awhile since I have sat down and wrote out a blog post. I think it's been a little over a month now? I am not entirely sure but I just wanted to say thank you for being patient and waiting for me until I got back in a semi good place.

I thought the first post ( being back ) should be about a quick 'Beauty' update. I wanted to share something very exciting first! I have had the amazing opportunity to work with Chanel Beauty! How exciting right!? Never in my entire life..have I ever thought that I-ME-THIS GIRL would EVER work with a brand so big! I wanted to share how some of their products ( I will write a breakdown for each one ) have managed to work their way into my daily makeup routine! You know on the days that I actually wear makeup!

You guys know that I love minimal makeup. Very natural looking, which doesn't mean putting on 10lbs of makeup to make myself LOOK natural! I wanted to give you guys the full rundown on each of the products that I received.

The Products

Le Volume Revolution De Chanel:

CHANEL revolutionizes mascara with the first patented* 3D-printed brush. In a single stroke, lashes reveal immediate and extreme volume with a longwearing, intense black result. The unique, wax-based formula provides instant lash volume, density and separation. Designed with a honeycomb structure and micro-reservoirs, the innovative brush delivers the optimal amount of mascara in one stroke. 

If you know me in person ( I don't think I have talked about this enough ) I love love love Mascara. It is one of the many beauty items that I cannot live without. I might have naturally somewhat long lashes BUT this 3D Mascara makes my lashes even longer and fuller. When I first tried this mascara...I was shocked. No, I am not just saying that to spew out some words. I was literally left there with my mouth slightly ajar and I immediately Facetimed my Aunt to tell her that she needed to get her hands on this mascara before her upcoming trip. I would have called my Mum but she doesn't wear Mascara. This is one Mascara that I definitely recommend and to be perfectly honest it's NOT that pricey! Yeah granted it's $35 BUT it is SO worth it!


Stylo Ombre Et Contour:

This all-in-one eye pen features a long-wearing formula and can be used as an eyeshadow, eyeliner or khôl for a variety of lasting eye looks. Designed with a creamy, blend-able texture, this eye pen allows for a range of smooth and even application techniques.

Okay, I took French in highschool but didin't really retain much of it so this was a struggle for me at first ( I have no shame admitting this ) so I found myself on the Chanel Beauty website trying to figure out whether it was an eyeliner or a lip liner. Turns out that it was the first option and it's like they KNEW I loved and have been obsessing over browns lately because I got the shade number 12 & it's this gorgeous brown. I actually used it to create a natural smokey eyed look with a brown eyeshadow that had a hint of glitter in it. It was beautiful and I honestly cannot wait to create the look again. Maybe this time I will try and document the outcome for you guys!

CHANEL Stylo Ombre et Contour Eyeshadow - Liner - Khôl

Les 4 Ombres:

LES 4 OMBRES eyeshadow palettes feature a vibrant, pigment-rich formula in a four tones inspired by threads of CHANEL tweed. With a spectrum of shade combinations and finishes that range from matte to satin to shimmer for endless eye makeup looks. Each easy-to-wear compact offers endless possibilities, with two medium tones to colour and contour, a deep shadow to intensify and a light shade to highlight. Pure, long-lasting pigments ensure an intense colour effect while the soft, smooth texture allows for effortless application. 

I have died and went to neutral Eyeshadow heaven! I honestly wished that this little palette offered more shades in this palette. I think that is the only downfall. Each of the pigments are very rich so the application goes on so smoothly. Ugh, just talking about me makes me want to get dressed up and go out even though I have no where to go right now.

CHANEL LES 4 OMBRES Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow

Demaquillant Yeux Intense:

A dual-phase formula eye-makeup remover that effectively and gently whisks away all makeup, even waterproof mascara, with the refreshing feel of water and no oily film. Eyelids are soft and supple, and lashes are protected. Cornflower Extract and Rose Extract soothe and calm the vulnerable eye area.

Ah, the piece of resistance. Eyeshadow remover or in my case eye makeup remover ( like eyeliner etc ). It's very gentle on my skin not that my skin is sensitive but I am very careful of what products I use on my skin especially around my eyes. I personally think that even if it wasn't a brand named product...I would still use it.


I am excited to be writing again. It feels great sitting down and putting words on paper ( even though it's not paper ). I promise I wont disappear for over a month again!