My Fav Budget Friendly Face Masks ft Facetory

[cap_text full="no" size="40"]In the past couple of years ( maybe like 2-3 ) Face Masks has been taking over social media by a storm!In my opinion you have to thank those amazing South Koreans who are obsessed with Beauty for their creations to maintain their flawlessly gorgeous blemish free skin & thankfully they decided to share their secrets with the world. I personally think that I started using Facial Masks a few years ago thanks to my Unnie. For you guys who don't know. Unnie means older sister in the Korean language. It a word you use for someone who is older ( they don't have to be your relative ). Well for our friendship she told me that I can call her Unnie and yeah that's what I did. She took me to Lotte Plaza which is a Korean Supermarket ( if you guys have never visited one then you NEED to) and she was telling me about all these different products that I should try. That day there was a deal on facial masks 10 for $10 and I thought that was a really amazing deal so I went a little crazy and bought up a crap ton of masks to try. [/cap_text]

Let's just say that I still buy myself the occasional face mask to pamper myself when I am having a tough week or you know just for the hell of it. You know you soak in a lovely bath, with a glass of wine and a mask mask is life! Let me not mention what they actually do for your skin. WOW! Just WOW!

This is a sponsored post but as you guys already know and if you are new to my blog then I guess I will tell you! I always tell the truth 100% in my sponsored posts. If I personally do not think that the product isn't for me or worth the price then I will say so. I strive in being 100% honest with you guys. With that also being said....if said product didn't work for me then it doesn't necessarily mean that it wont work for someone else.

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A little about "Facetory" it was created by a group of mask junkies who came together to curate and run a monthly a sheet mask subscription box which is turn would be called...Facetory! [/card_text][/image_card]

I received 3 masks but I was able to pick which mask I wanted to try. Lately I have been in love with Green Tea & Tea Tree ( oils but you get the gist ). So, I wasn't surprised that each of the masks contained 1 of the 2 ingredients. Mind you there are SO SO SOOOO many options to choose from on the Facetory website ( which if you guys want to check out then you can do so here ).

The first one that I picked was 'Jeju Greentea Intensive Whitening Mask'

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