Beauty Tuesdays | PYT Beauty

I have been slacking tremendously on my "Beauty Tuesdays" posts even though I have gotten so many beauty products to blog about. It's safe to say that I am currently a terrible blogger at the moment. I also know that the title of this blog post has Tuesdays in it and I am definitely posting this on a Wednesday! I hope that doesn't throw you guys off. I wouldn't even be surprised if you guys unsubscribed from my blog ( I am seriously beyond thankful that you guys didn't ). I wanted to really get back into blogging for real. I know that I said that in my last blog post but then disappeared but seriously I want to! Hence why I am sorta bringing back Beauty Tuesdays. Well let me rephrase that...I am definitely bringing back Beauty Tuesdays and the first brand that I wanted to tell you guys about would be a brand called PYT Beauty.

Let me just say before I jump into this is a sponsored post BUT as you guys know all thoughts and opinions are 100% my OWN!

As you guys know by now and if you don't...I always tell you a little bit about the brand before jumping into my review of the products that I received.

PYT Beauty was created by Amy Carr and Mary Schulman. They are Friends ( bestfriends ), Boss Ladies and Conscious Consumers. I mean who wouldn't want to sit in a room with these amazing ladies and just pick their brains? I know I want to!

PYT Beauty was created by Amy Carr and Mary Schulman. They are Friends ( bestfriends ), Boss Ladies and Conscious Consumers. I mean who wouldn't want to sit in a room with these amazing ladies and just pick their brains? I know I want to![/card_text][/image_card]

PYT Beauty™ was founded by two best friends on a mission to change the face of clean beauty.

It all started when Mary’s daughter became interested in makeup. Having been an entrepreneur in the natural snack food industry, Mary was already sensitive to ingredients both in the foods we eat and the products we wear, and she wasn’t impressed by the questionable ingredients and high prices found in stores. She reached out to Amy, her friend since college with a daughter of her own. With a shared concern for harmful ingredients and a deep background in consumer insights and behavior in beauty, Amy was passionate about joining forces to tackle the challenge.

They set out to build a brand with integrity, and after more than two years of research and development and seemingly endless product trials, PYT Beauty™ was born.

Now that you lovely ladies and gents have read about how PYT was founded. I think it's time that I jump into reviewing each product. I received the Primed/Ready Mascara, No BS Eyeshadow Palette and Upgrade Highlighter!

Let's start with the Eyeshadow Palette! It's an Eyeshadow palette with a two-tone Base Shade plus 6 day to night shades!

I am a sucker for a good eyeshadow palette and I am an even bigger sucker for one that has NO tom foolery in it! Like I mentioned before...this eyeshadow has 6 different shades to choose from. Under Now there are the shades: Coffee Run, Day Trip and also shows you how to apply which shade where ( which for a makeup noob like me is needed ). Now onto Later there are the shades: Happy HR, Rooftop and 2:02am!

First impressions: The packaging is minimal which is always a plus in my book. The price-point is reasonable as well. The eyeshadow is $28 which isn't bad because with everything that comes with it and everything that goes into keeping this eyeshadow palette clean then I don't even mind the price. I think this is one brand I would gift to my own Mother.

I was never really a big fan of mascara when I first initially started wearing makeup! I just wasn't sure what the big deal was over having extremely long eyelashes. I wear glasses once in awhile so I didn't want my eyelashes rubbing up against my frames but now...I don't really care. I love having long lashes and I love using this PYT Mascara. The price-point is amazing as well! This double headed mascara is only $20! I think that is a great deal especially since you are getting a primer and the actual mascara.

First impressions: I definitely forgot that there was a primer attached to it. So, that is one thing that I have to keep reminding myself that is there. In the end I feel like I will be left with only the primer with the way I am using this particular product.

Highlighters are a makeup product that I still struggle with! I am always paranoid that I am putting on way to much so I end up sitting there contemplating whether or not I should wear any or not. Then in the end I told myself that I can start by using my fingers to apply the highlighter as apposed to the brush. Let me just say a little does go a long way with this bad boy.

First impressions: Definitely a lovely shade that I picked. I don't really find myself reaching for a Highlight during the Autumn weather because i's more gloomy and I stick to more natural makeup but I think that it's worth the $22 asking price. Like I mentioned before..a little of this particular highlight goes a long way.

I give PYT Beauty a total of 4/5 stars! I am itching for them to announce that their coming out with foundations then my life would be complete and as I am writing this...I see my Mum eyeing my Eyeshadow palette. I hope she knows that she isn't walking out with it haha.

Until next time my loves!