Let's Get Coffee #11

Oh my goodness! Can you guys believe that we made it here!? I am excited to see how many 'Let's Get Coffee' posts will be by the end of the year. According to my calendar...we have another 11 Monday's before the year is over. That is insane. Do you guys think that I can actually do it? That is going to be a lot of coffee intake! Well, to be honest it is going to be more than coffee. I am actually trying to limit my coffee intake to about maybe once a week.

I am not going to lie...the company Wanderingbear sent me a PR package of their 'Smooth Cold Brew' coffee and I have been drinking it everyday. That obviously wasn't my intention but it is so bloody good! So, whilst I am finishing up the coffee that I have home...I am going to be drinking Tea's, Smoothies and eating food at these new coffee locations. I guess that previous sentence was a way of my introducing the coffee location I recently went to. I have actually visited this coffee shop before when it first opened and I disliked their coffee so much that I just never went back but something told me to visit again since they offer a variety of things aside from coffee.

With that being said...I visited 'Joe & The Juice' for the second time since they have been opened in the DC area and of course I wanted to go. From what I have been stalking on their instagram page....their shop would definitely fit my aesthetics. I wanted to go...no I NEEDED to go. So, I went. Remember, I said that this was my second time visiting. I am going to take a moment and tell you guys about my first visit and what I ordered before I jump into my second experience.

I went for coffee. I was curious what the buzz was about. Well, that was before I realised that their customers go there for their juices as appose to their coffee. Lessoned learned. They don't have any coffee flavours. So, it was basically just regular coffee with Almond Milk. My coffee was so bitter that NO AMOUNT of sugar could fix and it was TINY for the price that they were asking for. Needless to say...I was really disappointed in their coffee but I loved the service I got so maybe that was why I decided to go again for a second time. I really wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt but I KNEW that I wasn't going there again for the coffee.

I ordered a juice & a spicy tuna sandwich and it was DELICIOUS! I did ask for no raspberry which they forget and added raspberry. Needless to say I never finished my juice because it was making my stomach hurt but it was still pretty good.