Let's Get Coffee #10

Oh, I have missed writing my coffee posts for you guys! The funny thing is...if you guys follow me on Instagram then you know that I have been visiting new coffee locations but I just keeping forgetting to update the blog! Which in the end makes me feel really bad because I have so many new places to tell you guys about!

Now the most important question I am asking myself is...where exactly do I start? I have been to Dolcezza, Post Coffee, Zeke's, Colony Club, The Village Cafe, Grace Street Coffee & a few repeated offenders that will remain nameless at the moment. I think though I should do each review in order. So, with that being said...I am going to start with Dolcezza.

I visited Dolcezza with my coffee companion Austin and it was my first time ever going. I ordered an Iced Latte but of course we ended up using Austin's coffee to create our amazing content for both of our Instagram pages. The photos turned out amazing and I enjoyed his company that we decided to grab coffee again but I will get into where we ended up next in another blog post.

I definitely want to go back to Dolcezza because I forgot to take some interior photos so basically all I have is coffee shots for you guys. Which sucks but it just gives me an excuse to go back.