Let's Get Coffee #1 ( First of the Year! )

Happy New Year my lovely readers.

I cannot believe that I am already kicking off the New Year with a "Let's Get Coffee" post. As you guys know ( I have mentioned it enough ) I am currently in San Diego and I am more than extra excited to be starting this series up again here! Can we get a whoop whoop?! What better way to really kick 2019 off ( other than traveling to the sunny state? ) other than visiting new and aesthetically pleasing coffee spots around San Diego? I am honestly also trying to go to LA before I leave to go back to DC!

The first coffee spot that I visited was such a disappointment that I didn't want to talk about it at all because I personally thought that it was such a HUGE waste of money and I told myself that I would never go back there. Literally left a bad taste in my mouth but like I was saying...I definitely wanted to start fresh and what better way than visiting a whole new place!?

I was combing through instagram trying to find aesthetically pleasing places when I came across "Deja Brew Lounge". I checked out their instagram, tagged photos and everything before taking the plunge and going because I didn't want to experience another failed coffee shop attempt. Thankfully that was not the case which Deja Brew. As soon as we arrived it was literally a cute little house and I immediately got a home vibe once I walked in. We were greeted with warm smiles and I just felt a sense of calmness.

I ordered a Peach Mango Lemonade with a Croissant ( which by the way was delicious ) & my sister ordered a Pineapple Guava Lemonade with a Chocolate Chip Cookie. They offer the option of having the lemonade spicy or regular. I of course ordered my drink without the kick but I am thinking maybe when I go back ( because I am definitely going back ) I will try their spicy lemonade just for the hell of it.