San Diego ( Week 1 )

I personally think that I have a love/hate relationship with San Diego. There are days when I love it and I cannot get enough of it but then there are other days where I am ready to pack up my luggage and hop back on the next flight out. There are so many things that are going on and the year just started & I feel like I am drowning in a sea of negativity and even though I am trying to stay upbeat & positive...I find myself already slipping into a dark hole. Which sucks but hey I am trying.

I haven't been sleeping well, eating properly and I normally take walks when I want to clear my head but I haven't been doing that either. I feel sad & lonely...a feeling that I told myself I didn't want to bring with me in the New Year but I guess when you are thrown into something that doesn't make you happy then you aren't going to be happy right?

Well, I wanted to do weekly posts about my stay here, where I go and what I buy ( because let's be real I will do some shopping! ). I have technically been here for a little over a week now. I landed on December 29th, 2018 which means I celebrated the New Year in the sunny state even though it was raining all day. I ended up falling asleep and missing the New Year countdown which was fine because I was running around all day anyways and the jetlag exhaustion was real.

Since I have been here...things obviously haven't gone according to plan and I haven't really been going out as much as I want to as well.


Taco Bell

McDonalds ( regret )

Burger King ( regret )

The Melt ( absolutely delicious )

Coffee Shops:


Deja Brew Lounge

Better Buzz Coffee







I look forward to exploring more of San Diego and sharing my adventures with you all!