What 26 Has Taught Me

26 has been a trying time for me. I was hoping that this post would be written before my birthday or on my birthday but I have been engulfed in an environment that stumps my creativity and the words are harder to form when there are so many anger thought swirling around in my head. That doesn't make me want to write....it makes me want to just hide away in a bedroom under a blanket and not really wanting to talk to anyone. The prior year I wrote a blog post talking about "25 Things Being 25 Has Taught Me" and I reflected on what I learned. Some were good and some were bad but in the end I think that it was a learning experience![/cap_text]

  1. People will walk out of your life & you just have to accept that.

  2. Pick yourself up and move on. Shit happens.

  3. The littlest things should make you happy. Find what makes you happy.

  4. Take a vacation. Your health & mental health takes top priority!

  5. Continue saying "No"!

  6. Stop with that 'No New Friends' bullshit.

  7. Crying still doesn't make you weak!

  8. Eat great food with great company! I am bringing this into every year!

  9. Quit if something makes you very unhappy ( job, relationship etc. ).

  10. Drink that extra cup of coffee ( trust me you will need it... )

  11. Go on new adventures & experience new things.

  12. Take photos of everything...create those f*cking memories!

  13. Love yourself. Take yourself out on dates.

  14. Find a new thing that makes you laugh.

  15. Listen to music that soothes your soul.

  16. Fall in love.

  17. Don't let society tell you when you need to have your shit together. Screw them & go at your own pace.

  18. If you don't want kids....it's completely okay! Stop pressuring women!

  19. Learn to let the little things go.

  20. Yes, eat that extra donut...who cares?

  21. Another year older means another year wiser...remember that.

  22. Learn from past mistakes.

  23. Set realistic goals...once you accomplish those...aim higher!

  24. Step out of your comfort zone.

  25. Find your inner peace.

  26. Be smarter about certain choices.

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