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I am bringing back "Beauty Tuesdays". I swear every time I sit down and open my laptop...I just seem to always forget to write a blog post for you guys. Can you guys believe that this is my very first "Beauty Tuesdays" post for the year!? How exciting! I do have a lot of blog posts coming your way...if someone wants to come and help me write them then I would love you forever and pay you in coffee!
This is a sponsored post but all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own!

I had the opportunity to try Revlon's new Photoready Candid Foundation, Concealer and Setting Powder. To be honest, I only use 2 out of the 3 products on a daily so it was a struggle with the Setting Powder if I am completely honest. I normally go for a more natural I don't overdo it with the amount of products that I use!

With that being said...let's just jump right into the review. First up will obviously be the Foundation. The description says that it's a skin enhancing foundation with a natural flawless finish. It has around 31 shade options to choose from which is great because sometimes companies don't cater to darker tones right away so that was a plus in my book. You can purchase the Candid line from Ulta, Target or Amazon and for $'s totally a steal! I picked shade Cocoa ( 520 ) and so far I actually like it. I don't want to say love yet because I haven't been using it for that long but so far...I definitely recommend.

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Next up is the Antioxidant Concealer. Ultra blendable, buildable and infused with caffeine for a bit of a pick me up. When I read the description..I was kinda like uhhh but then I tried it. I don't think that I was sent the right concealer because I looked like a backwards raccoon. Which didn't sit to well with me so I think that I will refrain from writing a review until I get the proper shade.

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Last but not least is the Anti-Pollution Setting Powder. It's a silky smooth, loose setting powder that gives an airbrushed effect. I am a very simple person and with that my makeup tends to be simple as well. I have heard of setting powder but I am way to afraid to try it out. This is definitely where youtube videos come in handy because I am lost. On the bright is very affordable so you wont be breaking the bank which is always a plus.

Overall I would give their new line 8/10. I do love the foundation and I find myself reaching for it now in the winter months than any of my other foundations. As for the concealer...I am going to go to my local Target to purchase the correct shade.

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