Let's Get Coffee #2

Welcome to the year where I bring back some blog favourites! Like my "coffee" series. Last year I wrote a mixd review about one particular coffee spot that I visited and when I re-read the post...I mentioned that I wasn't going to be visiting this location ever again. Maybe it was fate that told me to step into another Gregorys but here I am again ( I am currently writing this post in Gregorys ) for the 3rd week! I visited their new location on Connecticut Avenue 3 weeks ago because well it was the closest coffee spot to the H&M and I had a really big bag of clothing. I know that I have already written a post about Gregorys but I felt the need to write another one...or rather an updated one.

The first time I visited this location ( they have only been open for a few months now ) I was greeted by Juan ( Won ) and Alex. Now, because I have working in customer service from since I was 15 years old...I can proudly say that I know great customer service when I see it. That is the first thing I look for when I am visiting a new place ( coffee, clothing or a restaurant ). Like I was saying...I was immediately greeted by not one but 2 smiling faces. Alex and Juan. They are the main reason why I keep coming back to Gregorys if I am completely honest...well them and the coffee.

The first coffee I tried was called 'Hall&Oats' which is a Cold Brew with Oat Milk, Cinnamon and Vanilla. It was super delicious. It was the first time that I tried a Cold Brew that I actually liked. Slightly bitter but nothing a little simple syrup cannot fix...& by little I mean a lot. I just love sweet coffee. The second coffee is called 'Honey Badger' and I am currently drinking it right now. It's also a Cold Brew with Almond Milk and Honey. It tastes like heaven in a cup. Seriously..it's sooooooo bloody good! Hence why I am drinking it for a second time back to back. Alex did recommend their 'Nu Brew' which is another Cold Brew but this time it has Nutella and Milk. I have yet to try that one because I am lactose and I didn't want to hurt my stomach....I would try it with a different milk but not sure how any other milk would taste with Nutella...you know?

I feel bad because I haven't been back to Compass Coffee since returning from San Diego but alot of the baristas I loved that worked there currently don't work there anymore and I normally continue visiting the same spot when I vibe with the baristas.

I know that I could always befriend them but it's always good to find new places to call home as well. So, that's kinda what I did & I am glad that I did because I just love the atmosphere that they create in Gregorys. They took the time out to ask my name & remember my name...which makes me feel hella special.

Overall, I am definitely making this Gregorys one of my go to coffee locations for sure!! Let's see what content I can create there!!

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