Let’s Get Coffee #3

I did it yet again. Neglecting the blog once again but man if you guys knew what was going on in my life then yu would understand why I needed the brief hiatus again. Who would have thought that my welcome back post would be another "Let's Get Coffee" post? The funny thing is...I am actually on my way to a teeth whitening appointment and what better way of giving Bri a hard time other than drinking a Mocha Latte right before seeing her! I will enter her office with coffee breath and a huge smile on my face but hey that experience is a while other blog post!

To be completely honest this is my first time ever hearing of this cute little cafe called "Bump n Grind" located walking distance from the Silver Spring Metro Station. It's actually right down the street from Bri's office & my appointment wasn't until 12 so I decided to pop my head in. Actually glad that I did.

David actually owns the cafe and he created the cutest latte art on my Mocha Latte. Which was bitter to me but you guys know that I love really sweet coffee. Probably shouldn't drink my coffee so sweet but hey my taste buds like what they like.

The space is very inviting & I definitely see myself going back in the future. If any of you guys are in the Silver Spring area & are looking for a nice aesthetically pleasing ( not to mention peaceful ) then definitely check out Bump n Grind! Also if you guys have any new coffee locations that you would like me to check out & write a little review on it then please feel free to let me know!