I Am Creatively Burnt Out....Now What?

Washington, DC, USA
As a content creator ( Content Creator is someone who is actively creating and publishing original content to an audience on one or more media platforms ) I think that we have all in one point in our creative lives been in a creative funk. Now maybe not everyone has been where I am right now but I personally feel burnt out. I have mentioned this before and I think living in the same area for so long and basically seeing the same scenarios makes me think...okay now what's now.

I have written a few blog posts in the past about what to do when you are feeling the creative rut but then I got thinking...what happens when what I talked about doesn't work anymore? I find to find new ways to get the flow going again. This also tends to happen when I am working from home alot. Normally I am sitting in a coffee shop creating content 2-3 times out the week but what happens when even getting dressed is a hassle? I don't want to shoot...& I don't even want to create any flatlays. I am just BURNED OUT!

1. Trying again- I know this one might sound weird but I tend to give up whenever I cannot think of anything and it has been happening a lot lately. I started teaching myself to stick it out and see if a miracle happens. 7/10 times something pops into my brain and I love the outcome and the other 3 is just like okay ... I will take a break and attempt this again in 15-20 minutes. I pass the time by either playing video games, blasting music or just watching a drama on Netflix.

2. Stepping out for a coffee- Staying home quite often stumps my creativity so whenever I need a change of scenery. I look up a coffee shop that I have never been and venture off to create something there! Although DC doesn't have as many aesthetically pleasing coffee locations as NYC. I still try and make do with what is around me.

3. Visualizing what I am shooting- I shoot lots of different content. From Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion etc. So, I try to make each photo I create different and unique. Sure I draw inspiration from others but you have to add your own personal touch. Not be a copy & paste kind of person. This is where Pinterest comes in handy! Create those mood/inspirational boards and it honestly helps sometimes!

4. Take some time away from the city- THIS THIS THIS! I cannot begin to tell you guys the difference a short trip makes! Whether it's a few months in California or just a few days in NYC! Just the change in scenery alone does wonders for the soul.

5. Music- This is a big one for me because I tend to always have music on the in the background to listen to. If not then I have something playing softly on Netflix for background noise whilst I work.

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