Life Update #1

Hello, all! Happy Monday!

I am coming back with a bang! I am kinda disappointed in myself for only writing 1 ( yes you guys read that right ) 1 blog post last month and 2 posts the previous month. Anyways, I am not going to jump into that because I have already made a commitment ( again yes I know ) to really get back into doing something I love which is blogging.

I wanted to give you guys a bit of a life update. Those of you who don't follow me on Instagram. No worries I am not telling you guys too. Okay, enough of that...let's get into what is new!

First things first...I am engaged. I know that this might come as a big shock to most of you guys. Why? Well because I always tend to keep my personal life...well personal. I don't really share anything about my fiancé. You guys have no idea how weird it is saying fiancé rather than boyfriend but then again it kinda already felt like we were married. We have been dating for a little over 6 years now. Which is a long time but to me it just felt natural being in a relationship with him. No relationship is perfect and of COURSE we fight but in the end we always work it out and I think that's how we lasted so long. So, with that being said. Yes, I am happy and blissfully stressed trying to plan a small wedding in the Bahamas next year. Don't be surprised if I come on here and tell you guys that we decided to elope to save ourselves stress and money.

Onto some super super exciting work related news!

I am currently working PR on a movie and it's my first ever movie that I am working on that will be in theaters! I am excited to go see it in the theater and see my name in the credits. It's not my first time being on set but it is my first time on a movie set. So, I kinda already know what goes into filming. It's always an exciting process. This time though I am working for the PR team which means I have nothing to do with Wardrobe. I am kinda excited about that because I can sit on set with my laptop with a notebook and work all day long sitting on the floor with my legs crossed. Doesn't that sounds great!?

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