Why I Really Need This Vacation

I have been working non stop for about....I cannot even remember now and I haven't really taken a proper vacation. All those times I visited San Diego...they were kinda still work since it was family emergency and I needed to fly to help my sister out watching my niece and nephew and as much as I loveeeeee my family...sometimes they drain the life out of me and even I need a break from them.

Whenever I travel it's also normally to work as well. So, when I say that Friday cannot come fast enough..you guys have NO IDEA how excited I am about not having to worry about deadlines, work, social media etc.

I want to enjoy the sun and re-find myself when it comes to creating content that I love and doesn't have the words #spon or #ad attached to it. There are a lot of emotions swirling through my head right now and it's all becoming a little overwhelming & I don't think anyone cares...so I need a break from everyone and everything.