My Experience at Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Hello my lovely readers!

I am getting the hang writing a blog post everyday on vacation now. Even if it's just a quick recap about the previous day and what adventures my family and I got into. So, since the fam and I are currently at a whole new hotel for our stay in Vegas...I thought I would share my experience with Holiday Inn Club Vacation. The Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Desert Club Resort was the first hotel that we stayed in. We stayed in a 1 bedroom suite that had a built in kitchen, fireplace, a massive walk-in wardrobe, a washer & dryer, a jacuzzi tub and a balcony. In the kitchen they even supplied cups, plates, pots and pans because they wanted you to feel at home. Which all sound amazing right?

This post isn’t sponsored we definitely paid to stay there but this is just a heads up for anyone who is visiting Vegas on a budget!

The pro's and cons about staying at the Holiday Inn Club Vacation.


There isn't complimentary breakfast. So, you have so spend more $ to buy food. Just go to the nearest supermarket and cook your meals to save the $ you don't want to spend.

Not walking distance ( in the Summer ) to the strip but there is a complimentary shuttle but it is first come first serve 24hr in advance.

There are no elevators so be prepared to lug your luggages up and down stairs unless you are staying on the ground floor.

They have a shit ton of locusts flying around inside the lobby so be prepared if you are afraid of flying bugs.

They don't offer a shuttle from the airport to the hotel which I thought would have been a better idea than the shuttle to the strip that only takes 24 people.

Kinda forces you to try and purchase a timeshare with the company.

The restaurant on site was extremely small and only sat like maybe 30 people at the max.


An abundance of pools to visit. So, you don't have to sit in your room if you don't feel like venturing to the strip or to downtown!

There is a gym for all of the gym nuts out there! 

There is a restaurant/bar attached to the resort that you can get everything from breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

It's literally like a home away from home. 

It definitely has more amenities than a regular hotel. I can say this as I am writing this from the Flamingo Hotel. 

Overall I would give my experience there a 3/5. Would I go back? Maybe...but that is because now I know what to expect.