My Experience With Frontier Airlines

I never thought that I would be sitting down and writing a post like this but here I am. To say this trip has been insane would be an understatement. My trip was actually quite enjoyable up until the last day when we got to the airport. I think deep down I knew something was going to go wrong with our airline but I didn't think it was going to be as extreme.

We flew with Frontier Airline to Las Vegas and we did have a bit of a hiccup with them on our way here but it was just something that we could shrug off and take it as a lesson learned. This time...I am shocked that they had the AUDACITY to create such a problem then wanted to push the blame onto someone else.

Here is the back story...

We booked our flight to Las Vegas from July 25th-30th and on the 30th we would leave and venture to San Diego where we would meet my sister. Sounds pretty simple right? Well wrong! We arrived at the McCarran International Airport by 11:30am since our flight was at 2:42pm. We were to have arrived in San Diego by 3:52pm. Again sounds pretty straight forward. This is where it went to shit. We met with one of the Frontier workers to check a bag. We gave him our ID's this is where he proceeded to ask us if we are sure about our flight information because he couldn't pull it up in the system. This is why my Mum is smart. She printed our information and proceeded to show the young man our flight confirmation to which he said he wasn't able to help us and we needed to go inside for them to help us. We said okay that is fine and proceeded inside to get help.

Now here is where it gets even crazier...

We get to the check-in desk and gave the lady our ID's so she can try and help us figure out what the hell was going on. My Mum was anxious and I was pretty calm at this point.... That was until she proceeded to tell us that they decided to CHANGE the date of our flight to July 29th, 2019 at 6:45pm. They changed our flight to the day before and didn't inform us of the flight change so she nonchalantly told us that we missed our flight and that we needed to contact who we booked the flight through and Frontier customer service to help us cause there was nothing she could do. She even put the blame on the 3rd party that we booked through and said it was their fault for cancelling our flight for the day before and not informing us. So, we did what any rational ( we were fuming ) would do. My Mum called the 3rd party and I called Frontier customer service to try and figure out a solution.

When I got through to Frontier customer service I was met with the most condescending man ever! He kept repeating how he understood our situation ( he obviously didn't... ) and when I explained that we just found that that FRONTIER was the one who cancelled our flight to the previous day without informing us but lied on the 3rd party...I was slightly triggered. At this point my mother was yelling on the phone and whilst her anger was understandable...I on the other hand wanted to remain calm and speak with a level tone but when he started talking to me like I was a child was officially when I lost it.

Now, I have different versions of losing it. I adapt to where I am & being in an airport surrounding by people wasn't the best way to get loud and obnoxious. I told him that we already had our flight booked for today and we needed to get to San Diego today so he needed to figure out a way to get us there because they were telling us the next flight to San Diego wouldn't be until August 1st. Yeah I wasn't about to be inconvenienced like that so I told him to find another option. He placed me on hold ( at this point I forgot his name and couldn't care less what it was... ) then came back and told me that I had 2 options.

Option 1 was them giving us a full refund and a $250 which I responded. How does that get us to San Diego today? No.

Option 2 was waiting until Thursday to which I responded. Where you going to pay for our hotel and food since you are inconveniencing us? He stuttered and couldn't give me a legit answer to get us on a flight today.

I explained to him that Frontier was the ones that cancelled our original booking and changed it to an earlier day then proceeded to tell me that they didn't have a way of contacting my mother to tell us. Which is complete bullshit and went against everything the other lady at the desk told us right before we called. So, at this point. I can tell my voice is getting louder...can you blame me? I realized that I can be quite scary but I can be even scarier when I speak in an even tone to express my anger. Which is exactly what I did. I gave him a few words ( the only curse word I used was shit ) and scared him to the point that he had to transfer me to his supervisor.

Man I realize that this post is turning out longer than I anticipated it to be and for that I apologize but I just needed to get all of this off my chest and off of my mind.

I spoke to the supervisor for all of 4 minutes before my Mother told me to hangup cause she was on a 3 way with Frontier and with the 3rd party and when I say she was letting them both have it. She was NOT playing around. I thought I was scary but she was only giving them about 40% of her anger. I would know because I mean I was raised by her. In the end the 3rd party was able to get us on a flight with Delta. I was so thankful that it wasn't with Frontier because at this point I think we were both over them and the way they were handling the situation.

I am thankful for the 3rd party for getting us a flight today through Delta because if not then I honestly don't know what we would have done.

The moral of this rant is the fact that I would NEVER fly through Frontier again I don't care how affordable their flights are ( you have to pay for carry ons by the way ) I would never ever give them my money ever again. I actually hope that they read this post and see how terrible their customer service is. The lack of communication and the lies. Everything honestly could have been avoided. They also took baggage fees from us without a problem but didn't have a record of our flight. So, yeah they are officially on my "Do not fly with this trash airline" list.

Also, I am definitely going to get a refund or a partial refund because this is unacceptable and the fact that they took our payment for our luggage and didn't give it back.