Vegas Photo Diary | Day 2

It is scorching & I am not happy about it.

I can tolerate the heat but I cannot tolerate the sort of heat that Vegas is generating. It is literally in the 100's and going outside makes me so miserable. My Mum and I went to grab breakfast at 'Prospector Joe's Gold Mine Bar & Grill'. After breakfast we decided to just lounge by the pool under the misters ( which by the way is a brilliant idea ) it kept us cool whilst sitting under the scorching sun.

Places I visited today were:

Gold Mine Bar & Grill
PF Changs
The Aria
The Bellagio
Worlds Largest Chocolate Fountain
The Bellagio Garden
The Strip
The Mirage

We are changing hotels tomorrow and we are going to be staying in the Flamingo Hotel which is located right on the strip. I am kinda sad that we are leaving Vegas on the 30th but I am also excited to be leaving because I will be reunited with my niece and my nephew whom I love so dearly! Plus it's so bloody hot I cannot deal!

Outfit Details

Button Down - H&M

Linen Pants - H&M

Fanny Pack - Rue21

Sandals - Rue21

Sunnies - Rayban