Review: BioClarity Mask & Skylar Meadow Perfume

When I think of summer, these are a few things that pop into my head - mojitos, floral scents, maxi dresses and glowing skin. I've got the first three down, but for some reason my skin has decided to wage war on me and I've been hit with spots, dry/oily skin and more. Luckily, I've been testing out new skincare products and these two products have definitely helped my summer become a lot more enjoyable. I'll be reviewing an amazing clay mask by bioClarity and the perfect summer scent by Skylar.

Clarifying Pore Purifier Mask by bioClarity

This vegan and cruelty free clay mask contains licorice root which great for soothing irritated skin, witch hazel for minimizing pores, and tea tree oil aka a miracle worker for my skin.  I've used this mask for about a month now and I must say I'm really happy with the results! It applies very smoothly onto the skin and if you're a fan of a traditional clay mask then this is the product for you. This product actually does what it claims to do which is fantastic!

  • Pros: Helped fade my blemishes, tightened my pores and made me feel like I was having a mini spa day. Despite being a clay mask, when the mask dried on my face it didn't crack and make a huge mess everywhere like some clay masks I've tried in the past.
  • Cons: The smell of the witch hazel and tea tree oil might bother some people, I happen to love the smell of both so it wasn't an issue for me. I also wish this product came with some sort of spatula to make it easier to spread onto your face.
To purchase the Pore Purifier Mask by bioClarity, click here.

Meadow perfume by Skylar

Nothing beats wearing the perfect fragrance for the summer, and Meadow, a floral and feminine scent by Skylar doesn't disappoint. This light and flirty scent is infused with tuberose, jasmine and orange blossom - great for those of us who enjoy a fragrance that isn't overpowering but is long lasting.

I normally don't gravitate towards floral fragrances, but the packaging/bottle of this perfume was so sleek and minimal so I figured I'd give it a try. At first I thought it wasn't going to be a match for me due to the hints of rose in it, but I waited and let it settle into my skin and wow! It smelled absolutely divine. It also lasted fairly well throughout the day (I tend to use 2-3 sprays for my entire body) which I was happy about since I hate having to reapply anything including makeup and perfume. It's small enough to fit in a medium sized bag and I would totally recommend this as a spring/summer fragrance for those of you that enjoy smelling like a beautiful bouquet.

  • Pros: Long lasting scent, beautiful yet simple packaging.
  • Cons: It's a matter of preference, but the initial smell can be a bit overwhelming before it settles into your skin.
To purchase Meadow perfume by Skylar, click here.

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