My Weekend In Florida

Hello my lovely readers and happy Monday!

If you follow me on instagram ( if you don't then you can follow me here ) then you know that I recently started my vacation! I mentioned that I was going to Florida for the first part of my travels. I went to a Bahamian wedding in Miami Beach ( but we stayed in Fort Lauderdale ) which is about 30 minutes from where the wedding was. It was my first time ever at a Bahamian wedding. The downfall was...the wedding was outside so you know everyone was sweating. I was overdressed in a thick navy blue dress and I was miserable. You guys know that I don't like wearing dresses and I prefer pants. The ceremony was short and beautiful and there was a quick cocktail hour whilst the family and the bride was getting their photos taken. I found a hightop cocktail table in the shade and my date grabbed some drinks for us.

I don't have much photos from the wedding because my date was the brother of the bride so he was off taking all the family photos and had to leave me alone for majority of the wedding. It was okay though..because I was sitting with his sister and her husband and we were just talking about Pokemon Go and just in our own little worlds.

I did get a few messages asking to see a full photo of me in the dress but unfortunately I don't have one so we are going to settle on this selfie. I will have an outfit breakdown and some links down below if you are interested in shopping some items!

I'm Wearing

Dress - Showpo 

Necklace - Mejuri 

Heels - Rue21 

Earrings - H&M