Vegas Photo Diary | Day 1

I Am In Vegas Baby! 

I cannot believe that I am scratching something off of my bucket list before I turn 30! I have always kinda dreamed of coming to Vegas. I always thought that when I visit Vegas it would be with my friends or even with my boyfriend but coming with family is just as fun ( without doing all the crazy drinking ). We arrived in Las Vegas lastnight around 7:40pm but we didn't get to our hotel until 8/9ish. I was way to exhausted to actually do anything so we just grabbed dinner and just relaxed in the room.

Places I visited today were:

Bahama Breeze
Caesars Palace 
The Forum Shops

I hope to visit downtown Las Vegas tomorrow ( fingers crossed ) and maybe visit Paris? Who knows what the day will bring! I am trying to survive this heat and the fact that there are 100,000 locusts are flying around.

Outfit Details

Graphic Tee - Nastygal

Biker shorts - Nastygal

Sneakers - Filas

Fannypack - H&M

Sunnies - Rayban