A Day In the life of a Blogger ( Updated )

3 years ago... yes you definitely read that correctly. 3 years ago I wrote a post about the day in the life of a blogger. Back then I didn't think I would be where I am now so I wanted to re-write this post. Make it more updated. 3 years ago...the world of bloggers/influencers wasn't as big as it is now. 3 years ago, I didn't think I would actually still be blogging let alone working with some amazing brands.

Here are some updates. I am currently a full-time content creator. I do not consider myself an "Influencer" because I don't really want to 'influence' anyone into buying something that they may not need. This is still me sharing my love for certain products & brands with you all. If & I do mean if...majority of you guys have Instagram then you know of all the changes that Instagram has gone through since I last wrote this blog post and of all the changes they are about to roll out with as well. One of them being hiding likes. So, I am curious about how that one is going to turn out. I know that they have already starting a beta on it in some countries as well as Canada. 

Since, I last talked about what bloggers normally do in a day...I did branch out on the topics that I post about. I added Lifestyle posts and even Beauty Posts to the mix and of course my Collaborations. I am actually glad that I decided to branch out because I personally think that contributed to my change of style and my collaboration opportunities. 

Anyways, I think that I am going off topic and I don't want this post to be longer than it needs to be. 

Sometimes I switch up my days depending on things I need to do but it goes as follows. 

- Emails
- Check To-do List 
- Social Media
- Flatlay Shots
- Content Planning 
- Outfit Planning
- Location Scouting ( something I don't really do anymore unless it's a collaboration )
- Editing
- Coffee Content Shots 

As you can see majority of my days are spent infront of my laptop writing/editing away or being attached to my phone doing the exact same thing. I try to take constant breaks since I am home alot but whenever I get to overwhelmed at home. I definitely take my work with me to a coffee shop. Preferably Compass Coffee. I still enjoy being a content creator but I do have my moments where I think about quitting but there are certain memories that makes it worthwhile.