My Experience with NARS x NIKO

Give me a moment because this post might be slightly all over the place. I was trying to find the words to say when it came to how I was feeling about this whole NARS x NIKO experience. I sincerely take it as a blessing. Lately, I have been having thoughts about quitting social media. Like I didn't want to create content anymore because I wasn't happy doing so & to be completely honest....I lost faith in myself. I started really comparing myself to others and man it wasn't pretty.

Needless to say after sitting down and speaking to the NARS team and to Niko. I have never felt such love or so inspired by a brand before. I was literally so close to tears after speaking to Alex.

Okay, like I mentioned before this post will probably be all over the place but I will start with the dinner.

Dinner Recap:

Let me first state that whenever I get invited to events...I am always under the impression that there will be at least 10-15 content creators present. Boy was I wrong when I got there. The intimate dinner was at Estuary in the Conrad Hotel. The restaurant was absolutely breathtaking. Correction the whole hotel was just aesthetically pleasing as soon as you enter the lobby. I was greeted by Alex, Laksmi & of course the man of the hour Niko. I am an empath so I feed off people's emotions all the time and I got nothing but amazing vibes from everyone. I was able to bring a plus one so I brought along my friend Shazz. It was 7 of us total. 3 from teams NARS. Me and my plus one and my blogger friend Dani and her plus one. We were literally the only 2 content creators that were picked for this very intimate dinner and from that alone I was sincerely touched but there was always a burning question in the back of my mind. Why was I chosen over so many girls with a bigger following?

Dinner was amazing! It was so lovely being able to chat with everyone & get to know them. I was a little shy at first but I definitely opened up and became myself after maybe 5 minutes of sitting at the table.

My Consultation: 

The following day, I was invited to get my makeup professionally done by Niko and I was able to ask him all the questions I wanted to ask him. Niko was amazing. He made me feel beyond welcomed. I felt as ease. When he officially started he was telling me the steps he did. Which if you are kinda like a makeup newbie ( well maybe not that new ) Niko explaining step by step was amazing. Definitely a learning experience. 

Niko used the new NARS x ULTA 'Makeup Your Mind Palette' on my eyes to match my purple hair. He created a whole different look for me than what I am used to. I create natural/neutral looks on my face with browns & sometimes reds.