Foodie Alert - The Melt

The "Foodie" in me in celebrating right now! Why? Well, okay...I have wanted to add food reviews and food recommendations from different cities on my blog for awhile now but I always end up posting mainly about coffee. At this point even I am a little blah about writing coffee reviews at the moment cause I always ALWAYS ALWAYS end up going to the same coffee shops and well that isn't exciting anymore lol. Okay, scratch is still somewhat exciting but I cannot live off coffee forever right?

I know majority of you guys know that I recently went on vacation. I went to Vegas first for 5 days then San Diego for 3 days before we embarked on a 40hr road trip. We drove from San Diego back to Maryland and it was the craziest ride ever but an experience. That isn't what this blog post is about though.

The last time I visited San Diego ( before this past visit ) I was scrolling through Instagram and came across this SD Bloggers page. She talked about restaurants and things to do whilst in San Diego which I found super helpful. Anyways, one of the restaurants I visited with my sister was called 'The Melt'. Unfortunately for me all of their locations are in California. Hopefully if they are reading this they would open a location here or in NYC! Hint hint cough cough cough.

My family and I were invited to try out some of their items & let me just say oh my goodness. We were all suffering from a serious case of the food comas. Not that we were complaining though.

What we ordered:

Three Cheese Classic
Mac Daddy
Impossible Melt Burger ( for my Vegans out there )
Spicy Mission Melt Burger
Sweet Potato Fries
Naked Fries
Trio Mac & Cheese
Snickerdoodle Milkshake
Fountain Drinks

Let me just say that everything was delicious! Well everything that I was able to eat. I literally wish that there was a location here in DC cause I would be going there all the time for food! It was that good! So, massive shoutout to The Melt for the invitation. I sincerely loved the food so much I will fly to San Diego for it again.

All of the photos were taken on my iPhone XS Max! This post was also sponsored but all thoughts and opinions are my own!