Holiday Shopping Haul

Wow, second YouTube video before the year ends. I, personally think that I am on a roll here. I think it makes it easier for me to sit down in front of the camera without being as nervous as I was before. Does this mean I am getting better? Does this mean I am getting over the hump that I created in my mind that YouTube was hard? Everyone has to start somewhere right? Well, this is me doing something I never thought I would do again!

My second video for the year is a ‘Holiday Shopping Haul’ I was going to link each item in the description of the video but opted for a blog post instead. I just thought that this would be an easier way & also include my blog readers! 

You guys can watch the video & shop the items all in one place! 

* Ribbed Cardigan

Tj Maxx
* Navy Blue Sherpa Corduroy Jacket ( similar )

* Brown Booties


Windsor Store

Shop Akira

Ari & Bo
* Pencil & Pen Holder


* Film Camera

Thank you for your continuous support! 

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