Happy New Year to all of my amazing readers! I cannot believe that we are in a whole new decade! I cannot believe that I will be out of high school for 10 years this year! My goodness how time flies. Not sure if we are having a 10 year school reunion or not but if we are I think I would go! It would be great to see all of my old classmates that I got into trouble with. Just kidding. I was actually a good kid in high school.

How did you guys bring in the New Year? I had a chill night. I spent it with some friends just playing games and drinking. We enjoyed seeing drunk news anchors in different cities and seeing all the love as well.

Did any of you guys make any New Year resolutions? I definitely did but I want to save that for another post. I will say that one thing I want to do is write at least 1 blog post a day for the next 4 months and if I love the feeling I will continue doing it. The downfall will be coming up with topics to write about and things you guys will want to read. Wish me luck! This is definitely post one!

I would love to hear all of your New Year resolutions! Maybe we have the same ones!

Happy New Year again my lovely readers! You guys are like family to me!

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