Ruth Carter x H&M

I am pretty sure a lot of you guys are probably googling who Ruth Carter is right now. Well do not worry. I will make it easy for you guys! If you have ever watched the movies...”Coming to America”, “House Party 2”, “Black Panther”. Just to name a few...Ruth Carter has actually done WAY more movies in her career than I can list but the main one that everyone SHOULD know is of course Black Panther. I mean this amazing woman just won an Oscar for her work in Black Panther. She is an amazing Costume Designer & with over 40 movies under her belt...I have always been a fan of her work since I was a child. Granted I haven’t seen all of the movies she has ever done but I have seen my fair share amount ( what I was allowed to watch with parental supervision ).

This post is about her capsule collection that she created with H&M. As many of you guys know H&M is one of my favorite fast fashion brands. I know that sometimes they have had their share of controversies but they learn from their mistakes. I was excited when I heard about her collaboration & even more excited to learn that we were hosting her here in DC for a small intimate event. So, you guys know since I was already working the event it was insane. There was a packed house & people were legit waiting to see if anyone wouldn’t show up to get their seats. Ruth herself was such an angel. She was probably the kindest celebrity that I have ever had the opportunity to alongside.

I am normally the one taking all of the BTS shots but this time I was able to get a photo with Ruth. She actually didn’t like how our first set of photos came out so she wanted to take some more. The lady who was waiting after me was a little upset but Ruth didn’t seem to care that much. After the event was over she came over to us and thanked us for our hard work and shared some secrets on some upcoming projects which I am SO excited for!

I have linked some of my favorite pieces from her capsule collection with H&M down below!

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