Why I Subjected Myself To A HORRIBLE Movie

Wow, I never thought that I would be sitting here writing this post. I am not sure why I subjected myself to a little over 2 hours of possibly the worst movie I have ever watched & believe me when I say I have watched my fair share of terrible movies. The movie I am talking about is " Gintama ". Now you might be thinking...that title sounds so familiar well yeah...that is because it's based on the anime of the same name. A live-action as some would say. I am a huge anime fan. I grew up watching nothing but anime because my Mum was also such a huge fan. Dragon Ball Z, Big O, Rurouni Kenshin, Cowboy Bepop, etc.

I actually watched a few live-action anime movies & whilst I knew that they were going to be complete & utter GARBAGE...I personally think that there was only ONE to ever surprise me & that was the Bleach live-action. It didn't make my eyes bleed & my brain into mush. That wasn't the case with Gintama. Now, I personally work in the production industry as a production assistant so I can definitely spot things quite easily that make comments on things that should definitely be improved upon. Let's start with a little background about this particular movie. It was released in 2017 & I know that we have definitely come a LONG LONG way when it comes to CGI graphics but oh my goodness it was so bad in this movie I couldn't stop laughing. IT. WAS. BAD. Point blank period. I don't think that there is anything that I could say to make it sound any better.

The acting itself wasn't even better. The overdramatization of the characters made a shiver crawl up my spine. I am not sure who thought creating this into a live-action was a good idea but that person probably needs a long vacation. I personally think that they were REALLy trying to stick with everything from the anime & condense it into 2 hours but oh my goodness. I literally starting tearing up a little because it was so bad & my sister called me...I told her how horrible it was & the tears just subconsciously started falling. Why did I subject myself to something that has 20% Rotten Tomatoes?! Yeah, definitely a glutton for punishment. Don't take my word for it...I will leave the trailer down below for you guys to check it out yourselves.

Overall I do not recommend watching this movie. I cannot even pass it off as comedic relief it was just so damn annoying. I really want the 2 hours I wasted watching this crap back & I wish HULU would take this shit off of their platform because it's garbage.

0/5 rating. I wouldn't even recommend this movie to someone who I don't even like.