Why It’s Okay To Do Nothing

I am now well under 4-5 weeks into self-isolation & things are slowly ( & boy do I mean slowly ) getting easier. You would think given the amount of time I have currently spent at home that I would pick up a new hobby, deep clean my apartment, learn a new language, workout etc. In reality, I hav been sitting in bed, watching TV, playing video games & taking occasional walks outside around my neighborhood ( still social distancing for sure ) & to be honest that is perfectly okay.

Don’t get me wrong I would love to have some sort of routine but I was never a routine kinda gal but I feel like rather than judging people who haven’t gotten their shit together during this pandemic then so be it. I did throw myself into a new project ( cough cough Youtube which you guys can subscribe here ) & I am finding that spending time & throwing myself into different creative projects...are kinda wonderful. 

Honestly each day tends to bring a different wave of emotions. One day I am feeling pretty motivated & that I accomplished a lot that I had on my lists but then we have other days where I just want to lay in bed all day, munching on snacks and watching Korean dramas. I am learning to just go with it rather than force myself. If my body wants to relax all day then I will relax all day. I am NOT going out & I am not spending money unless it is for necessities. One thing I told myself that I wanted to try was waking up & working out every morning to start the day. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I will but I feel like that could be a habit I could start. It is perfectly okay in these uncertain times. 

There is way to much pressure especially on social media right now to be doing something. Whether it’s finding new hobbies, shooting content of their homes, playing Animal Crossing & socializing on House Party which I mean do you guys. I feel perfectly content watching TV from the comfort of my bed & recording & editing videos. 

It is okay if you take a day to do ab-so-lute-ly nothing & just a heads up...it is OKAY to not do anything everyone else is doing. This is the perfect time to really get to know ourselves. Spend this time looking after yourself & be happy with the little accomplishments that you do everyday. 

We’re all human. Stay safe 🤎