Our Baby Announcement


It's official! We finally announced on social media that we are expecting our first child! Honestly with the way this pregnancy has been going it might be our only child. Not entirely sure if I can put myself through this again & also finding out about having endometriosis as well. It's not ideal. As much as I am happy that I don't have to deal with excruciating periods every month; the process of growing a little human is such a different experience. 

Whilst now I am currently in my second trimester & things have gotten better...I will say my first trimester was nothing but torture. I will get into more details for that in another blog post cause I don't say positive things about my experience lol. 

Yoo & I are both so thankful for the amount of love we have experienced during our pregnancy journey. Those who have reached out to check on me have a special place permanently in my heart & to the new friends we made currently living in Montana and have been there for us. You guys are awesome. Baby Yoo feels all the love already and I just know that once they are born they are going to be surrounded by amazing men, women and family who loves them. 

Words cannot express how thankful I am to have my husband during all of this. He has been my rock, my punching bag and the voice of reason for when times get a little to hard for me. I fall in love with him all over again just seeing how attentive he is now to me and the baby...which is funny cause the baby isn't born yet but I know our baby knows that Appa loves them so much. 

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