A special shoutout

This post is dedicated to Stephanie Webster. I will be sending her this link later so she can read this for herself. I wanted to dedicate this post to her for the amazing job she did on our intimate but hilarious gender reveal. She went above and beyond to make this sure this was a memorable day for the both of us. Not only did she bring some decorations and got us the cake but she also went above and beyond to get the gifts for our families. Seriously just so touching that I actually cried a little because I was just overwhelmed with joy and felt the love. 

It's crazy how loved our baby girl is already ( granted my mother didn't have the best reaction ) but as my aunt said I shouldn't allow her reaction to deter me. Yes, I understand she's disappointed that we are having a girl and not a boy. I mean it's crazy to think that YES I understand that we have a lot of girls in our family but I personally think that being silent then saying you need to call me back then hanging up wasn't the best reaction. 

Nonetheless the day was amazing and the cake was extremely delicious. So, Stephanie if you are reading this the war is on lol. 

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