April Recap

The end of April. It's crazy how the months are flying by so quickly now. April was a hectic month. We celebrated my husband's birthday on April 1st. Yes, you read that right. Then we celebrated our anniversary on April 10th, We found out the gender of our baby on April 17th but didn't do the gender reveal until April 29th. We started getting items for our baby girl like her crib, mattress, clothing etc. All in all April was a pretty busy month for us. 

Therapy weekly has really been so helpful. It's assuring that I won't allow my past trauma affect the relationship I will build with my own daughter. I started setting stronger boundaries & one being with my mother. Until she realizes that she was wrong then I won't be contacting her. 

My husband has been the best. Granted no relationship is perfect but I love that we sit down and communicate with each other. Our trip to Helena was something that we both needed even though it was short. I can't be in the car for so long anymore without feeling ill which sucks. 

Overall despite some of the bad things that happened. April will forever be a memorable month. 

I do want to get back into reading but haven't had it in me to pick up a book recently even though I should. 

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