One thing that I have learned during my pregnancy is to do what makes ME comfortable. Not take the advice of other people because they aren't me. They don't have my mindset and they don't have my pain tolerance lol. I have noticed since getting pregnant that everyone is so quick to offer their advice ( that I didn't ask for ) and when I voice things that I want to do...then they tell me I shouldn't. 

Pregnancy isn't for everyone and I am not enjoying my pregnancy that much. Having another baby has NEVER crossed my mind but somehow I am deemed selfish for not wanting 2 kids. Im struggling. I don't want to experience this again. I mean there is a possibility that my next pregnancy...if I decide to do this again could be smooth sailing BUT as of right now that isn't something I am thinking about right now. Especially since I haven't even gotten through this pregnancy yet. 

Yesterday ( May 17th ) I had another appointment where they measured my belly and let us hear baby girls heartbeat again. Her heart is pumping strong so I must be doing something right lol. I still cannot believe everything is flying by so quickly. On Monday I am going to be 24 weeks pregnant which means that it will be time for me to take the glucose test. Dr. Vlasie who I saw yesterday since Dr. Dressen was in surgery all day...she said I have to get it done between 24-28 weeks. So, I guess right before I hit the 3rd trimester. 

I am internally freaking out because they do have to draw my blood and that's something I am not looking forward to at all or the fact that I have to fast before taking this test. Not happy about that either but it's to make sure that I don't have diabetes. Overall were still in nesting mode and received alot of items from our registry for babygirl so I am still working on her room. I cannot wait to reveal it to you guys. 

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