Valentines Day Look


Happy late Valentines Day Lovelies!

We had a little "winter storm" here in my area but nothing compared to the storms that hit Boston! I am one to not really sit down and watch the news but so many channels were talking about the winter storm we were getting I got a little curious. I would love to hear what you guys did for Valentines Day or Galentines Day. So, don't be afraid to leave me comments down below! I am sorry that I ran out of time coming up with a Lookbook for you Lovelies. I was really trying to work hard on it. Just know that I have something bigger to replace it for you guys so make sure you stay tuned for that.

For my Valentines Day look I went with something that I know would make people turn their heads. Everyone knows that the main colors for Valentines Day are Red, White & Pink. Since I don't really like the color pink I opted for White ( Although I was really aiming for Red ). I always make sure to check the weather before leaving the house ( especially now since it's winter time ) so my outfit is still dressy but not as dressy. I was actually in love with this look. I was so happy that I opted for my pastel blue coat rather than red because it really went well with my outfit. For me finding the courage to wear silver metallic shoes was a first for me but I loved it. The shoes were so comfortable ( I own the black pair ) and even though there were a lot of staring there was also so many compliments on my shoes.

Coat - Forever 21

Top - Forever 21

Jeans - Forever 21

Clutch - Forever 21

Shoes - Forever 21

Rings - Banggood

For those of you who sent me an email I don't think that they sell this coat anymore! When I bought it , it was on sale! I'm sorry maybe I can help you guys find a similar coat! I want to say thank you to those who have been following me since my old blog! I haven't forgotten your comments on looks you Lovelies wanted me to style for you guys! I am currently working on them & they will be posted soon! Thank you for your continuous support! I love you all <3

Until next time Lovelies!