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Hey Lovelies!

Happy Thursday! I know I know you were probably wondering what happened to Mondays blog post. Le boyfriend and I had a lot of errands to run on Sunday ( which is normally the day I take Mondays blog post photos ) and we just didn't have enough time to snap photos. Although it would make for a perfect blog post! "Errand Wear " so make sure you Lovelies stay tuned for that!

I seriously need to try blogging on the go so that I way I can keep up with my blog better! ( Quickly Downloads WordPress App ) As I stated in my last blog post I am in need and on the hunt for the perfect hair color! To quote another blogger " Life is to short to have boring hair " - BlakeVonD. So with that being said I thought it would be cool to ask my readers for their input on what color I should get! Feel free to leave me comments down below or send me an email! I will get help from my stylist as well with my color selection so its the right color for me and my skin! Everyone always goes shorter and lighter in the Summer time but I'm not sure I can see myself with brighter hair! Like I said we shall see!

For this look I wanted to go for something dressy yet casual! With that being said this Shirt Dress and Belted Vest were the perfect staple pieces to be added to my wardrobe. With my Spring Cleaning done and all the basics and staple pieces in my closet it is easier for me to put together outfits now. I cannot wait to show you guys all the wonderful outfits and blog ideas I have. I have been writing like crazy down in my notebook whenever I feel inspired or get inspired by something or someone I see on a day to day basis.

Top : Forever 21

Vest : Forever 21

Jeans : American Eagle

Purse : Forever 21

Fedora : Forever 21

Jewelry : Wetseal

Shoes : Adidas

I love my inspirations who inspired me and my blogging change. Not just my blog but my life as well! Fashion isn't about how trendy you are and how many things you buy its about how you style them and manage your life. This is what other bloggers have taught me! They will forever be my inspiration! <3

Until next time Lovelies! <3














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  1. Hello dear! Love the the errand wear. As for hair color why not go blonde. Summer is right around the corner.