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Hello Lovelies!

Happy Thursday! I know you Lovelies are looking forward to tomorrow because it is non other than FRIDAY! What are your plans for the weekend? My plans include working and Le boyfriends sister is flying in so were all grabbing dinner. Then I will be hanging with the ladies as well grabbing some tea and dinner like we normally do. We shall see.

Monday Blues X Part 2

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Monday! Most people incorporate Mondays with the word blues and I know that I was one to say something as well when I was working on Mondays! Now since I don't work Mondays I still decided to write a post based off the very popular Monday Blues name. For all of my new readers who are just now tuning in; first let me say 'WELCOME' secondly I already styled a 'Mondays Blues' look so if you want to check it out feel free to venture off to my older blog posts! I decided why not style another one to my new minimal style preference and I was absolutely loving the outcome.

I'm Denim For You X

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Thursday! Although the weather today is depressing! It's going to be raining and cloudy all day. Which is my kind of weather. I love rain and thunderstorms! Something so soothing about it and I prefer it over the scorching humid heat we have been having.

Fedora X Lovin

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Thursday! I always get so excited blogging on Thursdays because I know tomorrow is Friday and who doesn't love Fridays right? Whilst everyone will be enjoying their weekends I will be at work. So, with that being said; I want you Lovelies to tell me about how your week has been so far? I am always curious about my readers and if your new to my blog "Hello New Lovelies". Don't be afraid to say hi or ask me questions! I promise that I don't bite.

i recently went Thrift Store shopping with one of my of my friends and I found such amazing items! Last time we went we stocked up on 'Chunky Men Sweaters' and I begged her to take me again. I was like a kid in the candy store with the items I found. Which I can't wait to style for you guys so make sure you stay tuned. I think going to a thrift store is something that everyone need to do in their lifetime! You find such amazing and retro things that you wouldn't think of wearing. Plus its a good haven for those of you fashionistas who love 'Mom Jeans'.

Colorful X Monochrome

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Monday! The scorching Summer weather ( I am saying Summer cause it's so hot ) but at night the weather is so amazing I never want to go home. Makes me want to turn off the Air Condition at night and just open the window. While I am currently writing this post I am also deep conditioning my hair! I have decided to step it up and deep condition my hair twice a week now! Since it's getting hotter and hotter my hair dries out even faster. With Mothers Day being yesterday what did you Lovelies do with your Mothers? Before my Mother came over my friends and I decided to pamper ourselves a little and got manicures and pedicures. To be honest I am not one to get manicures and pedicures on a daily! So, with that being said it felt so weird to me but overall I enjoyed myself so much!

Business X Casual

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Thursday! The weather has been in the 80's all week and they finally decided to turn on the Air Condition in the apartment complex ( after changing the filters ). It feels so nice coming home from work to a nice cool apartment! I think it's the best feeling in the world! Besides taking off your shoes and clothing for the day! I think I have gotten used to taking photos in the scorching weather! Although wearing next to nothing is an option like I've seen other women doing. I on the other hand cannot do that! Since Summer is technically a month a way ( even though I feel it started already ) I have compiled a list of Summer must haves! Which will be up tomorrow! So, make sure that you Lovelies stay tuned for that alright!

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