July Favourites / Recap

OH, my goodness. I cannot believe that July is over. I am not going to lie. July was pretty uneventful. I didn't do much when it came to leaving my apartment and was barely writing anything on the blog or posting on social media. I wanted a break from things until my "vacation". Even though lets be real...when you work in social media...you never really get a real "vacation".

I finally booked my ticket to San Diego. There was a big debate on whether or not I was going to go again but in the end...my Mum and I ( who will be my photographer for this trip again ) decided on going.

I have been adding some inspirational quotes to some of my photos on instagram and you guys seem to be loving them as much as I am! Doesn't it just make you feel slightly better? That goes for anyone...even if you are in a great mood. It will make you feel better! Trust me.

I decided that whilst I am in San Diego...I will be posting a new a blog post a day! So, that means you guys will have a new blog post for 2 weeks along with vlogs! I am hoping to get my creative mojo back whilst I am there and well I did last time. I had so much new things to share with you guys. Hopefully this time...we will get to venture to more new and beautiful places.

Also...I am currently sitting in Compass Coffee ( which shouldn't be a surprise to anyone anymore ) writing this out before the month actually ends ( today is the 31st of July ) and I couldn't be happier with myself. I definitely posted June's recap so late and I wanted to knock this one out before I head to San Diego and started bombarding you guys with photos and of course vlogs!

July Favourite Song:

Frozen : Sabrina Claudio

July Favourite Show:

Terrace House ( It's on Netflix )

July Favourite Food/Snack: 

Vegan Tenders ( soooo good! )

July Favourite Drink:

Iced Caramel Soy Latte ( my usual )

July Makeup Products:

Eyeshadow - Real Her Makeup

Foundation - Lancome

Eyebrow Pencil - NYX

Lippie - NYX Lingerie

Blush - Real Her Makeup

Concealer - Vapour Beauty

July Beauty Products:

Saturday Skin

Babor Rose Toner

Bliss Clay Masks


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