Can you believe that it will officially be 2021 on Friday!? I cannot even begin to digest how quickly & yet slowly 2020 has gone by. Covid struck us hard. Working from home became the new norm and honestly that’s another reason why I decided not to make any New Year Resolutions. I don’t want to stress out if I don’t accomplish them and think little of myself. 

I want to go into 2021 with a better mentality of life and slowly get back to my love for creating content. I want to feel the happiness I used to feel when I first started. I have that feeling now when I am creating content for my YouTube channel. 

I honestly think my 2021 will be more YouTube focused. I want to get better at creating content on different platforms. I hope that everyone has a Happy New Year and don’t be pressured when you don’t make any resolutions for the upcoming year. 

Also, I will REALLY buckle down on writing more for the blog. 

 As 2020 is officially coming to an end. There have been a lot of things that I have learned especially during a pandemic. Whilst we have been stuck indoors since February ( remember we are now in December ) we have come to the realization that its okay not to be as put together as people online seem to be. We don’t have to be a magically turn into a professional baker, we don’t have to force ourselves to work out or eat healthy just because you see everyone on social media doing it and we don’t have to force ourselves to be productive. If you want to binge watch 8 seasons of Friends for the 100th time then you have every right to do so! You can literally do whatever will make you happy and whatever will keep you sane in this fucked up world. 

We’re STILL in the middle of a pandemic. Hard to believe right? Then why are we still acting like we are not? 

It’s okay to not talk to anyone. It’s okay to cut people who don’t share your view points on certain things to the curb. That racist family member who you’ve been biting your tongue around? Kick them to the curb. It is perfectly okay and trust me when I say you will be so much happier when you do.

I have also learned that I am such a caring person but I am also kinda tired of always being the one reaching out to people to see if they are doing well. Honestly it gets kinda tiring. It also makes you think. Does anyone like me? Why doesn’t anyone reach out to me to see how I am doing but I have decided to stop that mental thinking. 

I honestly think I am over living in the DMV area. I want a fresh start with new faces and a new mindset. I want a bigger space that I am able to create freely in & I want to wake up every morning with a smile on my face. I am determined to start living the life that I want and first is up is doing some special for my birthday! 


Deep down I wish that things would start going back to normal but alas that isn’t the case. Right now were finally hitting our second wave and no one is happy. Well, except the people who don’t believe were still in a pandemic of course. 

We’re almost halfway through December with no light at the end of the tunnel. I am honestly not even excited for my birthday anymore. I wanted to do a tropical getaway but I think it would be unbelievably selfish of me to lounge on a beach when were still in the middle of a pandemic. 

I am thinking about maybe taking a week trip to Chicago just to be a tourist. At least it will still be stateside and I wouldn’t have to quarantine for 14 days before being able to enjoy my trip. Of course I will get a COVID test done before doing any sort of traveling. Actually I have been getting tested every 72 hours for work and even though I hate getting tested with a passion. It’s good to know that I have always had a negative result. 

I wish I was able to really travel and see my family to see how they are doing during all of this but I am happy that I am able to either FaceTime them or send them a text checking in on them. I

On another note I have started vlogmas on my YouTube channel which you guys can check out here & please subscribe to my channel. In my videos I show you little snippets of my daily life at home and on set. I haven’t really gone out for coffee ( I did light Christmas shopping ) since we started filming but definitely commend everyone who does vlogmas everyday and every year cause I cannot keep up. 

I have included some photos from my camera roll down below. I hope you guys enjoy and see you in my next vlog. 


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