26 has been a trying time for me. I was hoping that this post would be written before my birthday or on my birthday but I have been engulfed in an environment that stumps my creativity and the words are harder to form when there are so many anger thought swirling around in my head. That doesn't make me want to write....it makes me want to just hide away in a bedroom under a blanket and not really wanting to talk to anyone. The prior year I wrote a blog post talking about "25 Things Being 25 Has Taught Me" and I reflected on what I learned. Some were good and some were bad but in the end I think that it was a learning experience![/cap_text]

  1. People will walk out of your life & you just have to accept that.

  2. Pick yourself up and move on. Shit happens.

  3. The littlest things should make you happy. Find what makes you happy.

  4. Take a vacation. Your health & mental health takes top priority!

  5. Continue saying "No"!

  6. Stop with that 'No New Friends' bullshit.

  7. Crying still doesn't make you weak!

  8. Eat great food with great company! I am bringing this into every year!

  9. Quit if something makes you very unhappy ( job, relationship etc. ).

  10. Drink that extra cup of coffee ( trust me you will need it... )

  11. Go on new adventures & experience new things.

  12. Take photos of everything...create those f*cking memories!

  13. Love yourself. Take yourself out on dates.

  14. Find a new thing that makes you laugh.

  15. Listen to music that soothes your soul.

  16. Fall in love.

  17. Don't let society tell you when you need to have your shit together. Screw them & go at your own pace.

  18. If you don't want kids....it's completely okay! Stop pressuring women!

  19. Learn to let the little things go.

  20. Yes, eat that extra donut...who cares?

  21. Another year older means another year wiser...remember that.

  22. Learn from past mistakes.

  23. Set realistic goals...once you accomplish those...aim higher!

  24. Step out of your comfort zone.

  25. Find your inner peace.

  26. Be smarter about certain choices.

I personally think that I have a love/hate relationship with San Diego. There are days when I love it and I cannot get enough of it but then there are other days where I am ready to pack up my luggage and hop back on the next flight out. There are so many things that are going on and the year just started & I feel like I am drowning in a sea of negativity and even though I am trying to stay upbeat & positive...I find myself already slipping into a dark hole. Which sucks but hey I am trying.

I haven't been sleeping well, eating properly and I normally take walks when I want to clear my head but I haven't been doing that either. I feel sad & lonely...a feeling that I told myself I didn't want to bring with me in the New Year but I guess when you are thrown into something that doesn't make you happy then you aren't going to be happy right?

Well, I wanted to do weekly posts about my stay here, where I go and what I buy ( because let's be real I will do some shopping! ). I have technically been here for a little over a week now. I landed on December 29th, 2018 which means I celebrated the New Year in the sunny state even though it was raining all day. I ended up falling asleep and missing the New Year countdown which was fine because I was running around all day anyways and the jetlag exhaustion was real.

Since I have been here...things obviously haven't gone according to plan and I haven't really been going out as much as I want to as well.


Taco Bell

McDonalds ( regret )

Burger King ( regret )

The Melt ( absolutely delicious )

Coffee Shops:


Deja Brew Lounge

Better Buzz Coffee







I look forward to exploring more of San Diego and sharing my adventures with you all!

Happy New Year my lovely readers.

I cannot believe that I am already kicking off the New Year with a "Let's Get Coffee" post. As you guys know ( I have mentioned it enough ) I am currently in San Diego and I am more than extra excited to be starting this series up again here! Can we get a whoop whoop?! What better way to really kick 2019 off ( other than traveling to the sunny state? ) other than visiting new and aesthetically pleasing coffee spots around San Diego? I am honestly also trying to go to LA before I leave to go back to DC!

The first coffee spot that I visited was such a disappointment that I didn't want to talk about it at all because I personally thought that it was such a HUGE waste of money and I told myself that I would never go back there. Literally left a bad taste in my mouth but like I was saying...I definitely wanted to start fresh and what better way than visiting a whole new place!?

I was combing through instagram trying to find aesthetically pleasing places when I came across "Deja Brew Lounge". I checked out their instagram, tagged photos and everything before taking the plunge and going because I didn't want to experience another failed coffee shop attempt. Thankfully that was not the case which Deja Brew. As soon as we arrived it was literally a cute little house and I immediately got a home vibe once I walked in. We were greeted with warm smiles and I just felt a sense of calmness.

I ordered a Peach Mango Lemonade with a Croissant ( which by the way was delicious ) & my sister ordered a Pineapple Guava Lemonade with a Chocolate Chip Cookie. They offer the option of having the lemonade spicy or regular. I of course ordered my drink without the kick but I am thinking maybe when I go back ( because I am definitely going back ) I will try their spicy lemonade just for the hell of it.

Oh, hello there everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR! How exciting is it to be walking into the New Year! I honestly thought that I was going to lose to my inner demons in the last couple of months there but I pushed through which I am happy about. Last year was a year filled with self doubt, anxiety, depression...man the list goes on. I can literally go on and list everything that went to shit last year but I am not going to do that. It's all in the past and it all happened literally last year...I am walking into the New Year with a blank canvas and my head held high.

San Diego:

As most of you guys know from my instagram page and if you guys don't know then I guess I will share it well here as well. I am currently in San Diego. I actually welcomed in the New Year in the sunny state but it was raining and I definitely fell asleep watching Netflix after eating bad Burger King. Lesson learned I guess. Probably won't be eating there for awhile if not for the rest of the year!

I have been sleeping a lot since arriving in San Diego because I had an extreme case of jetlag so I was getting over that & the fact that I needed to get used to the time difference yet again. I thought about sitting down and writing out some goals for 2019 but I haven't done that yet and I am pretty sure I am not going to only because...you never really know how the year is going to go. In 2018 I had everything planned out and it went to shit soooooo...yeah I cannot deal with that again.

My sister & I have only visited one place that she found on instagram and believe me when I say that it wasn't worth the hype. Like at all and you guys know that I love giving places the benefit of the doubt but I was even disappointed with my drink that I ordered! Not sure how someone screws up Mango but yeah....not going back there whilst I am here. Which is disappointing because I wanted it to work out and I wanted to share some awesome aesthetically photos with you guys but all I got was....

I don't even think that I will be posting this photo on instagram either.

I am excited to share all the places that I will be venturing to whilst here in San Diego this time. I know the last time that I was here...didn't go exactly to plan but I am going to make sure that I see certain parts of San Diego to share with you guys. It is quite expensive here so I probably will look for things that are affordable to do and that are free. So, stay tuned because I am making this year my year!


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