Hello & happy Tuesday lovelies!

I am slowly counting down the days till September. I want Fall weather, oversized knits, oversized blazers, booties and of course hoodies. I want Fall scents, fedoras, long-sleeved shirt dresses and dates walking around the city. Ugh, I literally cannot wait to kick off my epic Fall experience. To kick off Fall in my opinion, I received this amazing ( I am not even exaggerating ) scent from YSL. It's their Libre perfume and at first, I was a little skeptical because I have never owned a scent from YSL before but the packaging drew me in. It's beautiful! It makes me feel extremely fancy. Like I am about to walk the red carpet. You can find this scent on Sephora if you are interested. I have a 1oz/30ml bottle. A little does go a long way in my opinion as the scent does have a lasting smell. Which I don't mind. 1 spritz will probably last the whole day. You can shop the scent on Sephora here.

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Happy Monday everyone,

I cannot believe that we are in the last week of August. Time is really flying and in a blink of an eye, it's going to be my birthday again. I am inching closer and closer out of my 20's and I still don't partially have my life figured out yet. I want to make some big changes but I don't know why I am holding myself back.

Anyways, I will get into all of that in another blog post.

This blog post is actually about a thrift store that Marj took me to this past Sunday. The thrift store is called 'The Polished Boutique' and it's located in Woodbridge, Virginia. Which is pretty far if you don't have a car like I do. So, we met up with Marj and her hubby and drove to the thrift store together. I would say that the only downfall about the thrift store was the location. Other than that I actually liked the thrift store. It wasn't big so you didn't feel overwhelmed, everything was labeled & nothing was over $25! There were brands like Zara, Madewell, Free People, JCrew you name it. I was literally in clothing heaven with these prices. There is also a 'thrift-box' where you can get 5-7 curated items just for you. All you have to do is fill out a questionnaire and they handle the rest. You can check out their website here.

The store will officially open in September but Marj was invited to check it out beforehand and you guys have no idea how excited I am that I came along. I found such amazing pieces for such a steal!

I have listed some of the items I picked out and the prices as well! When I tell you it's a steal I am not lying! I even got my hands on a Coach Bag! Yes, you guys read that correctly! COACH! I will definitely be going back again soon!

Coach Bag - $20.99
Black Boots - $9.99
Gold & Black Scarf - $2.99
Reversible Handbag - $10.99
Sag Harbor Black Flowy Pants - $4.99
Free People White Dress - $12.99
Zara Men Blazer - $15.99
Uniqlo Black Sweater - $5.99
JCrew Cream Sweater - $7.99

As a content creator or someone in the field that I am in. Ideas are always and I do mean ALWAYS floating around inside of my head. From coming up with ideas for brands that I am currently working with or which freelance project for Maggy. Whatever the case might be...my mind is always racing with thoughts. Half the time it isn't bad but on the other hand when I want to literally do nothing and relax...then it's a problem.

I wanted to stop relying on wine so much to relax so I started playing video games and rewatching Friends on Netflix for the 100th time. I mean don't get me wrong I actually love watching Friends ( Ross not so much ) but I needed different ways to wind off. I had the option to re-read the majority of the books that I owned again. I loved reading but I always questioned why I never pick up a book anymore just for the hell of it. Why couldn't I sit with a nice cuppa hot chocolate ( or wine or water to be honest ) and just get engrossed in a book?

If my mind wasn't racing with all the content that I needed to create then my depression & anxiety was kicking in again. For a while, it disappeared ( well not fully disappeared ) but I wasn't being triggered by social media posts ( I have gained weight & currently dislike my body ) I was being triggered by my family, my relationship and honestly just everything.

Like I said...there is always a lot on my mind.

Now though it's a mixture but I end up going to bed pretty peacefully. Unless I have a deadline.

I think I can definitely say that writing before bed helps me unwind. I am not entirely sure when it started but I am 1000% not complaining. I like being able to sit behind my laptop and write out all the words that are swirling around in my head. I am able to relax my mind, focus on what's in front of me and sincerely feel at peace.

I will also be listing some beauty products that help with relaxation as well. I became the biggest fan of sleeping masks! If you guys have never tried them before then OMG you need to! Then thank me later!

Summer is slowly & I do mean slowly coming to an end. I am very thankful though because I cannot deal with this heat and humidity anymore. I am also super sick of my hair. I am contemplating cutting it all off again and starting over. Who knows right? I can never really make up my mind when it comes to my hair. That is beside the point....the point is...I am ready for knits, cooler nights and a better mindset.

I personally think that I thrive better in Fall. I have more of a creative mindset...I don't find myself struggling to come up with content to post or blog posts to write. I thrive. I am happy. I am not sure what it is... so I am currently counting down to September 23rd. If you guys didn't know well now you do..it's the first day of Fall! I hope you guys are as excited as much as I am!

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Tee - Rue21

Jeans - H&M

Sandals - Birkenstock

Fedora - H&M

Fanny Pack - H&M 

Sunnies - Rayban

3 years ago... yes you definitely read that correctly. 3 years ago I wrote a post about the day in the life of a blogger. Back then I didn't think I would be where I am now so I wanted to re-write this post. Make it more updated. 3 years ago...the world of bloggers/influencers wasn't as big as it is now. 3 years ago, I didn't think I would actually still be blogging let alone working with some amazing brands.

Here are some updates. I am currently a full-time content creator. I do not consider myself an "Influencer" because I don't really want to 'influence' anyone into buying something that they may not need. This is still me sharing my love for certain products & brands with you all. If & I do mean if...majority of you guys have Instagram then you know of all the changes that Instagram has gone through since I last wrote this blog post and of all the changes they are about to roll out with as well. One of them being hiding likes. So, I am curious about how that one is going to turn out. I know that they have already starting a beta on it in some countries as well as Canada. 

Since, I last talked about what bloggers normally do in a day...I did branch out on the topics that I post about. I added Lifestyle posts and even Beauty Posts to the mix and of course my Collaborations. I am actually glad that I decided to branch out because I personally think that contributed to my change of style and my collaboration opportunities. 

Anyways, I think that I am going off topic and I don't want this post to be longer than it needs to be. 

Sometimes I switch up my days depending on things I need to do but it goes as follows. 

- Emails
- Check To-do List 
- Social Media
- Flatlay Shots
- Content Planning 
- Outfit Planning
- Location Scouting ( something I don't really do anymore unless it's a collaboration )
- Editing
- Coffee Content Shots 

As you can see majority of my days are spent infront of my laptop writing/editing away or being attached to my phone doing the exact same thing. I try to take constant breaks since I am home alot but whenever I get to overwhelmed at home. I definitely take my work with me to a coffee shop. Preferably Compass Coffee. I still enjoy being a content creator but I do have my moments where I think about quitting but there are certain memories that makes it worthwhile.

Give me a moment because this post might be slightly all over the place. I was trying to find the words to say when it came to how I was feeling about this whole NARS x NIKO experience. I sincerely take it as a blessing. Lately, I have been having thoughts about quitting social media. Like I didn't want to create content anymore because I wasn't happy doing so & to be completely honest....I lost faith in myself. I started really comparing myself to others and man it wasn't pretty.

Needless to say after sitting down and speaking to the NARS team and to Niko. I have never felt such love or so inspired by a brand before. I was literally so close to tears after speaking to Alex.

Okay, like I mentioned before this post will probably be all over the place but I will start with the dinner.

Dinner Recap:

Let me first state that whenever I get invited to events...I am always under the impression that there will be at least 10-15 content creators present. Boy was I wrong when I got there. The intimate dinner was at Estuary in the Conrad Hotel. The restaurant was absolutely breathtaking. Correction the whole hotel was just aesthetically pleasing as soon as you enter the lobby. I was greeted by Alex, Laksmi & of course the man of the hour Niko. I am an empath so I feed off people's emotions all the time and I got nothing but amazing vibes from everyone. I was able to bring a plus one so I brought along my friend Shazz. It was 7 of us total. 3 from teams NARS. Me and my plus one and my blogger friend Dani and her plus one. We were literally the only 2 content creators that were picked for this very intimate dinner and from that alone I was sincerely touched but there was always a burning question in the back of my mind. Why was I chosen over so many girls with a bigger following?

Dinner was amazing! It was so lovely being able to chat with everyone & get to know them. I was a little shy at first but I definitely opened up and became myself after maybe 5 minutes of sitting at the table.

My Consultation: 

The following day, I was invited to get my makeup professionally done by Niko and I was able to ask him all the questions I wanted to ask him. Niko was amazing. He made me feel beyond welcomed. I felt as ease. When he officially started he was telling me the steps he did. Which if you are kinda like a makeup newbie ( well maybe not that new ) Niko explaining step by step was amazing. Definitely a learning experience. 

Niko used the new NARS x ULTA 'Makeup Your Mind Palette' on my eyes to match my purple hair. He created a whole different look for me than what I am used to. I create natural/neutral looks on my face with browns & sometimes reds. 



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